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The Seven Seas in European medieval literature
Following the latest trend, here's a map of India and its various scripts
Portuguese Map of Asia (1630)
List of groups of states with common open borders
Countries which had expressed their interest in participating in Eurovision Asia Song Contest 2019
On this day (26/11), ten years ago the entire city of Mumbai was terrorized. This is the map of places which were attacked.
International recognition of the Republic of Armenia
What Asia would look like if all the ice melted
Countries with embassies in Bhutan
Countries that explicitly and openly support India for UNSC permanent seat.
Top 20 Countries by Movie Admissions
Major languages of Bhutan
Countries having a federal system of government
Countries involved in the Korean War
India at a glance
This French propaganda poster from 1917 portrayed Prussia as the octopus
States and Union Territories of India where Hindus are a minority
The fourth-largest railway network in the world, India
Angling in troubled waters – a serio-comic map of Europe
International reaction to the Annextation of Goa (1961)
Visa policy of India
Railway network map of India - Schematic
G4 nations and the Uniting for Consensus movement
Rail network divided by area of country
Each country's best performance at the Cricket World Cup
Countries that explicitly and openly support India for UNSC permanent seat
Dialects of Bengali
Qualified countries for 2019 AFC Asian Cup
The Maratha Empire (India, 1760)
The Great Asian Highway Network
The City of Delhi Before the Siege - The Illustrated London News Jan 16, 1858
Territories "conquered by the Dharma" according to Major Rock Edict No.13 of Ashoka (260–218 BCE).
What Australia Would Look Like if All the Ice Melted
Territory of Magadha and the Maurya Empire between 600 and 180 BCE, including Chandragupta's overthrow of the Nanda Empire (321 BCE) and gains from the Seleucid Empire (303 BCE), the southward expansion (before 273 BCE), and Ashoka's conquest of Kalinga (261 BCE).
Legality of cannabis in India
Map of India in 1795
Regional bodies of International Cricket Council
Strategic partners of India
Countries invited as chief guests for the Indian Republic Day parade
Exclusive economic zone in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean
The Gupta Empire, referred to by some as the Golden Age of India
Topographic map of Bhutan
India in 796 CE
States and Union Territories of India ranked in order of percentage of families owning a house as per the Census of India 2011
The elite global space club: Successful missions to Mars
Spread of Brahmic family of scripts
Territorial extent of Azad Hind (Light green: Claimed territory, Dark green: Controlled territory)
The map of the prevailing "races" of India (now discredited) based on the 1901 Census of India
The Maurya Empire (India, 250 BCE)
Founding members of the League of Nations and the United Nations
Potential bids under consideration for 2032 Summer Olympics
The Seleucid Empire in 200 BC (before expansion into Anatolia and Greece).
India–Myanmar–Thailand Trilateral Highway (under construction)
Results of the Indian general election, 1934, the first general election that the Indian National Congress participated in.
Countries that have their own category in r/popular
Countries having GDP larger than Maharashtra
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography