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Top 10 Busiest Flight Routes in 2017
Sex Ratio - A tale of three countries
Choice of the capitals North American States/Provinces
Human Development Index for BRICS subunits, 1991 to present.
Countries with a planned Capital city
Most Common Mother-Tongue (excluding English and French)
Annual Meat Consumption across the World
Independance day across the world 2.0
South East Asian Languages in US and Canada
Most predominant Hispanic/Latin ancestry in US states
India population distribution in terms of USAs (or dividing India into 4 parts based on population)
Antipodes of South Asia
Speakers of Dravidian languages by percentage
Annual egg consumption across the world
The other side- States of India distributed in the form of US States
Percentage distribution of the Indo-Aryan Languages
Most common Dravidian Languages in North America
Etymology of Mumbai (Bombay) neighborhood names
Second largest Religion in Canadian Provinces and Territories
Antipodes of North America
Top 20 Busiest International Flight Routes in 2017
Second largest religion in the Indian Subcontinent
Nearest Large Indian City (above 1mn) and Nearest Subcontinental Metro (above 5mn)
English as the mother tongue - India
Independence Day across the world
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boat parts and history
marine life photography