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“Portugal is not a smol country”. Portuguese propaganda from the Salazar era.
Only at Mamas place it is good.
Portugal Is Not A Small Country
Beach is Beach...
Just a map of Europe
Australia and fire, a crazy relationship.
"Grossdeutschland" (Greater Germany), 1939 infographics by Richard Edes Harrison in Fortune Magazine .
Exaggerated Topography of Europe
Pangea with Current International Borders
Unemployment in Europe 2004 vs 2018, impressive development in East Germany, Poland and Slovakei. No improvement in the south.
(01- 05 - 2020) Extraordinary day of renewables in Spain. Wind power covered 55% of the demand, solar photovoltaic 18%, hydroelectric 18.8% when the sun went out. With solar thermal and nuclear, the Spanish electricity system reached 90% zero emission power generation.
Reverse map on a cup.
All Wikipedia edits of the coronavirus outbreak map, red is confirmed, blue is suspected
Red are all “shithole counties”
Is Venezuela big enough to fit Berlin, London, Paris and Rome inside its border?
How Big is Brazil in comparison with Europe
Spawn location difficulties
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography