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"United States: The Physical Landscape" 1996 map by National Geographic, a true masterpiece of cartography
Since the Iowa Caucuses are taking place, I put Iowa in the Caucasus
The share of people without health insurance in the US
How Many Hours Do People Have to Work to Buy a Gallon of Petrol?
1804 Map of New York state by Surveyor Simeon De Witt
Asia in 200AD
Population of US, Canada, and Europe by degrees of latitude north
Indonesia over Europe
Map of the world (Mercator) if the south pole was in Australia
Dante's Inferno - Nine Circles of Hell
Algerian Tribes in 1846 (French)
Countries by most viewed porn categories
An 11 year old boy with autism came into my daughters college class today and drew this from memory.
How China views Europe
Colours of Passports around the world
The Louisiana "Boot" — now with land loss!
Every single county I have visited/slept in
Probability of Having a White Christmas in the US
Nations where Muslims constitute less than %1 of the population
Countries that have been under European control
U.S. Sunset Shadow Map
Dr Max Roberts redesigns the Tube Map, 2013
Countries by Tax Revenue to GDP Ratio
Caribbean tourism from 2006-2007.
Spread of The Plague, 1347 - 1351
Homicide rate in India per 100,000 by state/UT in 2016
Map of Asian/Mongoloid Admixture
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography