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Magellan's Circumnavigation of the Earth, from the Portolan Atlas by Battista Agnese, c. 1544.
Afro-American Travel Map, 1942 - a guide for negro hotels and guest houses in the eastern USA.
Map of the Unexplored World, 1881.
A Texan's Map of the United States, 1965.
North America's Nine Nations, 1981.
In Seattle, the manhole covers have a map of the city.
Electricity generating power stations in the USA, 2015.
Annotated aerial photo of Boston, Massachusetts and environs, 1930.
Map of North America from the Tactile Atlas for the Blind by the Princeton Braillists
"Portugal is not a small country" - Portuguese imperial colonies overlaid on a map of Europe, ca. 1940.
Every state gets a pan-handle! A map of the continental USA made of 550 pounds of cast-iron skillets. Created by Alisa Toninato.
Map featuring countries of the Far East, 1932.
Fortifications of Athens and Piraeus during the Peloponnesian War. The long walls provided a secure connection to the sea during times of siege.
1902 Map of Lifesaving Stations and principal recent shipwrecks, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Mid-Atlantic canal system constructed in 19th century to transport coal and industrial goods.
Ecoregions of the Ocean
Early Settlement of New Jersey 1665-1765
Post Route Map of the State of Florida, 1903
Rail Road Map showing the street rail road routes in and leading from Boston, with the terminus of each road in suburban cities or towns, 1865.
Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas of the United States and Puerto Rico / Census Bureau, 2009
Ohio River Mainstem Navigation System / General Plan and Profile of the Locks & Dams between Pittsburgh and Cairo.
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