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Every 2018 U.S. House Election in Texas by Precinct (OC).
Partisan Breakdown of California State Assembly
Partisan Composition of New York State Senate (OC)
2003 San Francisco Mayoral Election Results by Precinct
Indiana Senate: 2012 vs. 2018 (OC)
(OC) - Florida State House Districts Based on Presidential Winner and Party Currently Holding the Seat - 1920x1080
2018 Georgia Gubernatorial Election (OC)
North Carolina is poised to gain 14th Congressional District in 2020, here's a hypothetical compact map with 8 R districts and 6 D districts
Hypothetical Compact Congressional Districts in Tennessee (OC)
The Comparison Between Senator Bob Casey’s First Election In 1996, and his Re-election Last Year Shows Just How Much the State’s Politics Have Changed In 20 Years.
The race for Kansas Governor, 2014 vs. 2018 (OC)
San Francisco Prop F (Free City Lawyer for Every Tenant Facing Eviction) Results by Precinct.
Hypothetical Compact Congressional Districts in Indiana (OC).
California Lt. Gov Election in San Francisco
2018 Primary Election for California Superintendent of Public Instruction in LA County by Precinct. OC.
Georgia Secretary of State Election 2018 (OC)
San Francisco Prop C by Precinct
Elections for Governor and Lt. Governor in Virginia, 2017 (OC)
2018 Election in Texas’ 32nd Congressional District by Precicnt (OC).
A Compact Congressional Map of Ohio (OC).
Strength of Each Candidate for California Insurance Commissioner in San Francisco for June 5th Primary. (OC).
CA Prop 10 in San Francisco (OC)
How Each UK Constituency Voted in the Brexit Referendum and the 2017 General Election. Leave Won 52% of the Vote and 63% of the Constituencies. 64% of Labour's and 74% of the Tory's.
Maps of Statewide Elections in Texas for the 2018 Midterms (OC)
Democrats Won the 1962 and 2017 Senate Elections in Alabam by the Same Margin (1.7%). Here’s a Map Showing Just How Much Their Coalition Changed Between Wins.
A Compact and Fair Map of Wisconsin’s 8 Congressional Districts (OC).
How a Compact and Fair Map of Pennsylvania's 18 Congressional Districts Could Look. (OC).
Partisan Breakdown of Pennsylvania State House (OC)
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