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Freehand map of Japan in 11 min 24 sec
Maryland's incredibly fucked up congressional districts
Europe 1444
Europe 1791
Major American metropolitan areas
% of Workers in a union 2019
Counties with a life expectancy above 80 years
How States have Swung Politically since 2000
Life Expectancy by congressional district
Europe 1609
All major city’s in Europe (sorry for bad handwriting and spelling mistakes)
Prefectures of Japan
Subnational divisions with a Life Expectancy above 80
Amish Population
Average yearly salary 2017
High school graduate or higher, percent of persons age 25 years+
Suicide mortality per 100,000 people (Source: Centers for Disease Control)
Regions in the Americas by the Human Development Index (Source: GlobalDataLab)
African Regions by the Human Development Index (Source: GlobalDataLab)
India 1500’s
HDI for European Regions
Wealthiest and Poorest counties in each state (Source: United States Census Bureau)
River Thames
Hand drawn map of Europe 1211
Hand drawn map of the American Revolutionary War.
Your country got its independence from...
HDI around the world (2018)
Countries in the "1 trillion dollar club"
Change in violent crime 1990-2016
Population in 2100 (Source: United Nations)
Regions of the world with an HDI over 0.900
Life Expectancy at birth by state
HIV/AIDS mortality rate per 100,000 people
Change in life expectancy by state 2010-2019
Europe 1791
Life Expectancy by State (Source: CDC)
Europe according to me 1707-ish
Europe 2017
Average yearly salary 2018 (source: World Bank)
Unemployment rates across the world (June 2018)
European Unemployment rate
The British Empire
Cold War, 1970
Chaos in Europe after WW1
Ease of doing business index 2017
Hand drawn map of Europe during the post WW1 chaos of 1919
You can see the Israel-Egypt border from satellite images
Europe: May-01-1919
Intentional homicide rate (Source: World bank)
Drug overdose mortality per 100,000 people (Source: Centers for Disease Control)
Life Expectancy by county
Somebody requested Napoleonic era so here Europe 1809
Hand drawn of Japan (will post English translation)
GDP per capita 1815 (Source: Maddison project)
Suicide mortality rate per 100,000 people by county
Counties with a life expectancy over 80 years in 2018
Do People In your State use "Hispanic" or "Latino"
Counties with a life expectancy over 80 (2019 Update)
Homicide rate by county
Europe 1706 according to me
Chinese civil war 1936 (sorry for any errors)
When countries joined the UN.
2nd level administrative divisions across the world
Percent Catholic by German district
Median Income by Congressional District (Source: United States Census Bureau)
Density of Same Sex Couples in the United States 2017
Vote on secession in the south by county April-4-1861
Alexander the greats conquest of Persia hand drawn.
Population growth rates relative to the world average (Source: United States Census Bureau and the World Bank)
Areas in the United States experiencing rapid Growth and Decline in population (Source: United States census bureau)
If the 50 states were redrawn to be equal in population
Change in Life Expectancy (Years) between 1959 and 2017
Yes because that’s the most efficient way to Vilnius..
Average yearly salary by state
Population density by state
General government surplus/deficit as percentage of GDP (Source: Eurostat)
2016 presidential election results by county.
HDI of Russian federal subjects (2017)
Map of Europe in 1752 handrawn
Life Expectancy (World Bank)
When States Last voted Republican
Public health expenditure (% of GDP)
% of the population who is non Hispanic white
Country grades (Based on the Human Development Index)
Intentional homicide rate compared to the United States (Source: UNODC)
Life Expectancy by county
Median income by county (Source: United States Census Bureau)
Suicide rate (Per 100,000 people) by country, 2016 (Source: World Heath organisation)
Debt to GDP ratio by country (Source:
Population growth by country 2018 (%)
Female genital mutilation prevalence (%) (Source: World Bank)
Drug Overdose mortality rate by state (Source: CDC)
Minimum wage by state (Jan 2020)
2018 Senatorial Election in Texas by County
Pokemon regions handrawn onto Japan
Percent of African Americans by state (Source: US Census Bureau)
Percent of English literacy by country
Mexican states GDP per capita PPP (Source: OECD)
When States last voted for a third party
Unemployment rates in Europe in Jan 2019 (Sources: Eurostat, World Bank)
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography