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Replica of Ancient Rome
I aw this map posted here a Year ago but it's so well detailed i felt all our new subs should experience it too, A Map of Switzerland's Languages
Various different phrases for Hamburger across the US
Development of areas of the EU
Extent of the Roman and Han Empires in 1 AD
Demographics of Cyprus in 1973 prior to Turkish Invasion
Baltic Tribes Circa 1200 C.E.
The Assyrian Triangle is the area with the greatest concentration of Assyrians in the Assyrian homeland and where they seek autonomy today.
Administrative Claims and Territorial Disputes of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Historic and Present Range of all Tiger Subspecies excluding the Caspian Tiger
Alaska compared to mainland US
Modern Greek Dialects
Religion on the African Continent
Percentage of U.S. Residents of Dutch Descent in 2000
Europe North Africa and the near East circa 1300
Main Revolutionary Centers for the 1848-49 revolutions of Europe
Percentage of Argentinians who were Born in Europe 1914
Areas of South Africa where Afrikaans is mainly spoken
REPOST Various European Colonial Empires to scale
British Empire in 1898 prior to the outbreak of the second boer war
Europe in 1400 ad
Areas of German Settlement in Modern Day Czechia circa 1935, aka the Sudetenland
Comparitive purchasing power of the EU, plus some extensions
Demographics of the Aegean Sea and its Surroundings around 1919, before the population exchanges
Highly Accurate Middle Ages Europe Map
Carthaginian-held territory before the first First Punic War
Border changes in history of Poland
Argentine Population Density
The proportion of respondents in the 2011 census aged 3 and above who stated that they can speak Scottish Gaelic
Political Map of Southern Balkans 1410
A Snippet from a 1932 World Atlas found by user /u/lambchopdestroyer
Speed Limits around the World
cross section of the kowloon walled city of Hong Kong of yore
Extant Albanian Dialects
Ethnic map of European Russia before the First World War
Colonial Territories of Sweden/Netherlands in early colonial period of the mid1600's
The proportion of respondents in the 2011 census who said they could speak Welsh
Assyrian Empire at Greatest Extent around 750-625 B.C.E.
Ontario population Density 2016
Ethnic Makeup of the Kingdom of Romania in the 1930's
Colonies in the Mediteranean 550 B.C.
Spread of Anabaptists in the HRE 1525-1550 {867x765]
Factionalized pre WW1 Europe x-post r/history memes
The domains of the Golden Horde in 1389
Extent of Germainc languages in the 10th century
Political situation in Somalia in July 2017
The Empire of Alexander the Great at it's height
Areas of South Africa where Zulu is mostly spoken
Distribution of Primary English Speakers in South Africa
Past and Present range of the Pronghorn antelope
Geographic distribution of religions in Bulgaria, 2011 census.
White Population of South Africa
California Congressional Districts since 2013
Map of the Swedish Empire with all of the territories that it possessed at different time periods shown together. Indian colony of Parangipettai is not shown on this map
The Region of Circassia around 1750
Muslim Population of the Soviet Union in 1979
Political Map of Archaic Greece
Ancient Greek Dialects
Dominant ethnic groups per area in South Africa legend in comments
Demographics of Montenegro from 2001
Respondents of 2000 census who stated ancestry as "Cajun"
Extant Arabic Dialects of the World
North Sea Empire of Cnut the Great circa 1030 a.d.
Kurdish Languages and territory
Location of the Emirates in the United Arab Emirates
Estimated Native Languages of
Kingdoms of the Diadochi afte Alexanders death
Population Density of Bosnia and Herzegovina
1979 Racial Demographics of South Africa published by the CIA
Areas of Tatar Settlement in Russia 2010
Worldwide range of all Lizard Species
The Greek Kingdom and the Greek diaspora in the Balkans and western Asia Minor, according to a 1919 Greek map submitted to the Paris Peace Conference
Population Denisty of South Africa, legend in comments
Ancestry of White Americans by percentage
Map of U.S. states with their state flag, most aren't that creative
Ethnicities and Religions In Iran
Expansion of Norman Territory by 1130 a.d.
Aramaic language and Syriac Christianity in the Middle East and Central Asia until being largely annihilated by Tamerlane in the 14th century
How Land was Divied in Modern Day Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia in 1962
Distribution of the Fennec Fox
Percentage of people in Ukraine with Russian as their native language according to 2001 census (in regions).
Russian language status and proficiency in the World
Population of Density of Spain
Density of English Speakers in South Africa
population density of Coloureds in South Africa
Map of the 14 "Eight Thousanders" Mountains whose Peaks exceed 8000 meters
Arab Speaking Areas of Israel proper + Golan Heights
Duchy of Normandy between 911 and 1050. In blue the areas of intensity Norse settlement
The geopolitical status in Europe on May 1941
Current State of Somalian Civil War
Main Kurdish Inhabited areas in 1992 according to the CIA
Ethnoreligious Map of the Levant
Borders of Turkey according to the Treaty of Sèvres (1920) which was annulled and replaced by the Treaty of Lausanne (1923) in the aftermath of the Turkish War of Independence led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
The expansion of Greece from 1832–1947, showing in yellow territories awarded to Greece by the Treaty of Sèvres but lost in 1923
fragmentation of the Abassid Caliphate
The Eastern Hemisphere in 1 AD
Diagram of Kurdish organisations and their relations
Amount of Territory in U.S. considered Public Land
Detailed Iranian Population Density Map
Map showing the main area of the Tambov Uprising in Russia 1920-1922
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boat parts and history
marine life photography