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Literacy rates in Italy, 1861
Literacy rates in Switzerland in the year 1880
Countries where over 50% of the population are native French speakers
Countries with a collection of laws known formally or informally as 'Civil Code'
Vehicles powered by renewable energy in Europe
Time required to enforce a contract in Europe (in days)
Regional languages of Italy by frequency of use
Germans in Germany: population without a migrant background in each district
Map of unitary, federal and confederal states of Europe
Countries with the most (and the fewest) referendums since 2000
Moldova is not the poorest country in Europe
The evacuation of Soviet Industry in 1941-1942
Internal migration in Italy, 2017
Incidence of petty (street-level) corruption in Europe
Use of vernacular languages in Switzerland, by canton
Home ownership rates (2017 or latest)
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boat parts and history
marine life photography