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Is the McDonald's ice cream machine currently broken? Chicago area.
The three major Pacific cultural areas
Tennessee in the 2000 and 2020 US Presidential Elections
Chicago average individual income by census tract, 1970 and 2017.
Olive-Tree Disease has recently spread aggressively in Puglia (Italy's heel) where officials and farmers are working to keep it contained
Democratic candidates with the most individual donors. All candidates, and all candidates excluding Sanders.
Japanese Fu-Go were balloon bombs considered to be the first weapon with intercontinental range. Launched against the US from the Japanese home islands during the winter of 1944-1945, they caused little damage but managed to kill five civilians near Bly, Oregon.
The motto of every U.S. state
First-Cousin marriage laws in the United States
The proposed German seizure of Gibraltar during WWII, Operation Felix, and possible British response
The Vinland Map. This controversial "15th century Norse" map will soon undergo new tests to determine its origin and authenticity
Results of second round of French Presidential election with 95% of communes reporting, 7 May, 2017
Canada-US trade as percentage of GDP for select provinces and states, 2016
Chicago's new mayor won in each of the city's 50 wards
Hundreds of 12MW wind turbines will be build on the Dogger Bank over the next decade. The largest turbines in the world, each will be able to power up to 16,000 homes.
Spain's claimed Nootka Territory between Alta California and the 61st parallel N, and west of the Continental Divide, 1789-1795.
Los Angeles County has 110,000 acres of parking
Roman Britannia circa 410AD
The World's 15 wealthiest cities in terms of private wealth held by individual residents minus liabilities. Government funds excluded. 2018.
German election results for first and second votes, reporting on September 24, 2017
Legal statuses of German throughout the world
Alberta's approach to solving its "rat problem"
Martin Luther King Jr Day was established in a US House of Representatives vote in 1983 after failing to pass a vote in 1979
ARPANET, forerunner to the internet, was first used on October 29, 1969. Here is the network in 1970 after one year of existence.
The Capital Hill Free Zone currently in place in Seattle
The 1936 Presidential Election in South Carolina. Roosevelt received the highest share of a state-wide popular vote of any presidential candidate with a named opponent.
25 busiest Amtrak stations
Satellite image and cross-section of China's new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the longest sea crossing bridge in the world
Thomas Jefferson's proposed states for the Northwest Territory, circa 1784. Modern borders in gray.
Joe Biden personal visits since August 20.
Parts of the Great Wall of China imposed upon the United States
Easy reelection for Texas Gov Abbott compared to Ted Cruz's tough fight to hold his Senate seat
1924 US Presidential Election
Politic Map of Africa in 1880 and 1913
The Amazon river basin covers about 40% of South America and is home to the world's largest rain forest.
Rif Republic 1921-1926
The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link will be the longest immersed tunnel in the world, and it will greatly reduce rail and auto travel time from Scandinavia to Germany.
The Centrope Project also known as Czechaushunvakia
Iberian sea claims (Mare Clausum) 1479-1790
Russia 2018 World Cup venue cities with several air and rail travel time approximations
Map of the D-Day Invasion area showing channels cleared of mines, location of vessels engaged in bombardment, and targets on shore.
German Wine Route
Lake Texcoco, Mexico, 1519.
Thousands of US cities with their most Wikipedia'ed person either born in, lived in, or connected to that place. Link to interactive map in the comments.
Deadliest Battles or Military Campaigns for the United States Military
The Fall Foliage Peak Color Prediction Map for October 5, 2019
Retail jobs growth by state, Jan 2007 to Sept 2017
Italian Football fan clubs and their political affiliations
The Chicago area's Native American villages and trails from 1804 on a map showing city limits and local township lines in 1900. The trails were the basis for many streets including Clark, Elston, and Lake St.
Imperial German Navy's minimalist map showing their global supply stations and their respective zones, 1914.
Cantino Planisphere, oldest Portuguese map showing their holdings in Asia and the Americas. It also may be the oldest map to show Florida and North America's East Coast. 1502.
Percent of employees in the United States that were members of a labor union in 2018
The Midwest Fires of October 8, 1871
1924 Presidential Election in Wisconsin. The last time a third-party candidate won a state outside the former Confederacy.
A distance and walking time map for pedestrians in the town of Pontevedra, Spain
Locations of the 100 census tracts in the US with the highest percentage point growth in concentration of high-earning households ($200k+), 2000–2017
1968 US Presidential Election in Florida
The tributaries and drainage basin of the Rio Grande
Chicago's Amazon HQ2 Possible Locations
France's Nuclear Landscape
US Presidential Election of 1864. Lincoln 212, McClellan 21.
Miami's saltwater intrusion line, freshwater well zones, and Superfund sites contaminated with hazardous substances and pollutants
"One Belt, One Road!", propaganda map illustrating China's geopolitical economic aims under the Belt and Road Initiative.
Global plastic inputs from rivers into oceans, and mismanaged plastic waste production, in Tonnes/Year. 2017.
1804 US Presidential Election. Yes, Maine was part of Massachusetts.
A very close Electoral College vote between vertically-inclined and horizontally-inclined states
Rice vs Millet farming in Neolithic China (circa 10,000 BC to 2,000 BC).
World's Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index. 28 June, 2019, 20:15 UTC.
Most Googled Democratic presidential candidates ahead of Detroit's first debate and most searched during the debate. July 30, 2019.
Wine regions of Germany
Size-of-Lead map showing results of Democratic primary in Texas. March 3, 2020.
Homicides in Chicago in 2020
Current Extreme Wind Warning area in Florida
Average Tip per Mile Traveled, by Dropoff Location, in Chicago. November and December 2018.
2016 Democratic and Republican state delegate counts for the Presidential nomination
Heat map of the United States Wind Turbine Database . 59,338 turbines with a total capacity of 96,019MW.
Milwaukee and Chicago seen from the International Space Station. Courtesy of ISS Photo Explorer (link in comments).
Projection of 2019 UK elections. Conservatives taking about 368 seats, Labour 191, Scottish National Party 55, Lib Dem 13. 326 needed for majority.
Air quality in Southern California is afternoon (March 18)
Cold comparison map illustrates the nature of today's polar vortex striking the Midwestern United States
The US presidential election of 1820 at the height of the Era of Good Feelings. Monroe with 231 electoral votes after a New Hampshire faithless elector cast his vote for John Quincy Adams.
World distribution of snakes
France's inter-city high-speed rail lines superimposed on the Midwest with Chicago taking the place of Paris. Source: Artifact_Scott.
The Colonial Pipeline carries about 2.5 million barrels a day of the gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. The largest pipeline in the US, it has temporarily been shutdown after being hit by a ransomware attack on May 9.
Starting approximately on May 13, Iceberg A-76 is now the largest in the world
Fishing activity within 20 nautical miles of Argentina's Exclusive Economic Zone (not including the Falkland Islands) from January 2018 to April 2021. This map is evidence of foreign fishing vessels violating Argentina's EEZ.
Utility-scale power plants in the United States. March 2021.
Expulsions of Jews in Europe and North Africa from 1100 to 1600
Shall Gavin Newsom be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor? California 2021 gubernatorial recall election results on morning of Sept 15.
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