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The history of accuracy in world maps
I tried to find the date of origin for every international border
Country names in Africa that used to mean something else
In 100 statistical maps posted to MapPorn, how likely is any country to have data?
Eight ways to divide Norway
Weird short-lived states of the Russian Civil War
Places in Norway literally named after Hell
Where is Syldavia?
Countries that have changed their names
Unrecognised states in Africa
The World's Shortest Borders
Hand drawn maps of Norwegian fjords (1872) overlayed on Google Earth's 3D mountain formations.
North and South America, 1828
This alternate history map made its way into a Danish history school book...
The proposed Salwa Canal, which would make Qatar the world's 50th island nation
The amazing Dico-O-Knowledge™ of "Speed Geography!"
Major colonial empires drawn to scale, 1800 AD
Taiwan's territorial claims
Historical expansion and relocation of Oslo
How many times countries have changed their flag
The size of Somalia, with statistics
Church membership vs. church attendance in Norway
35 Place names in Iceland that will help you understand what dyslexia feels like
Map of former countries in Asia
The demilitarised zone between Norway and Sweden, in effect 1905–1993.
Map of the US from 1853 targeting Norwegian immigrants, including where cheap unappropriated land is still avilable, a little flag for the largest Norwegian settlements, and -- for some reason -- the Territory of Deseret
Viking ruins in Greenland
The Carta Marina (1539) translated to modern place names
"Star of Africa", a classic Finnish board game playing on 1950s exoticism
The Civilization earth maps 1991-2010
Expansion and administrative divisions of Nazi Germany, 1943
World's largest lakes on a uniform scale (1851)
Everything that was ever Norwegian
Geographic distribution of imbeciles in Norway, 1859
Map of former countries in North and South America
Major colonial empires drawn to scale, 1800 AD
Another 1943 map of Europe, bought in Berlin for €5
I got to see a beautiful 1511 world map today
Map of watersheds that kind of looks like a confusing political map at first
Detailed map of The Holy Roman Empire in 1477
State of ongoing national mapping efforts, 1857
The Geographical Publishing Company's World Wall Atlas (c. 1930)
World map, 1891
Economic comparison of North and South Korea, 1968
The five smallest countries compared to London and New York
North America, 1832
1935 Pan American advertisement for South America routes
A timeline of the fall of the Warszaw pact
The world's 10 largest glaciers drawn to scale
Every river and stream in Norway
All place names mentioned in Norwegian sagas and Medieval parchments
Poland, Lithuania and the Lands of the Teutonic Order in the 14th and 15th century
Japanese world map, 1936
England and Wales under the House of Lancaster
Another "movie map", from the series *The Pacific* (2010)
An unexpected way to color the unexplored areas of North America
Expansion of the Third Reich
The route of Willem Barentsz' 1594 Arctic expedition
1860s geography lesson: The map on the right was drawn by a schoolchild in 1869 in one of the common "map copying" books of the time
The United States in 1842
1700s map of Kjeøya, Norway, in a mesmerizing drawing style
Giant version of the Idrisi map of the world, 1154.
Pictorial map of Normandie
Antipode map, 1816
Extent of exploration of Australia, 1868
Worlds colliding: An intimidating world map projection (1851)
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography