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Comparison of Muslims in Armenia in 1886-90 and 2018
Unreliability of Wikipedia shown by a map of the Caucasus
Possible redistribution of Ottoman and Arabian territory on the principle of self determination
Arab states in 1947
Adult literacy in Europe 1500-1800
Europe in 1650, total displacement of warships owned by state navies
Religious/ethnic map of Constantinople/Istanbul in the late 19th century (Map in Hungarian)
Ottoman Empire and Russia size comparison
9 Balkan countries fit inside Turkey
Ottoman Empire and United States size comparison
Spread of the printing press in the Ottoman Empire
Cyprys Turkish/ Greek villages and towns
Muslims massacred in Crete in 1897
Turks in Macedonia 1900-2002
Ottoman Empire and Polish Lithuanian commonwealth size comparison
Historic growth of Montenegro
Turks in Historic Macedonia 1900-2002
Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian spoken as mothertongue in Turkey (1935)
Ethnic religious map of greater Bulgaria in the San Stefano treaty 1878
Muslims in historic Macedonia 1900-2002
The ethnic cleansing of Baghdad between April 2006 and November 2007
Comparison of Armenian population in Eastern Turkey according to Armenian, Ottoman, French and British sources
Religious denominations in Austria-Hungary in 1881
The Armenian population in the Ottoman and Russian empire in 1896
Ethnographic map of European Turkey from 1877 by Carl Sax
Example of a randomly altered historic map in Wikipedia
Farm size of farmers in 7 geographical regions of Turkey (2002)
Turkish election 2015, CHP voters in provinces
Turkey's provinces by vehicles per 1000 inhabitants and 0-14 year old age group percentage comparison
Unreliability of Wikipedia shown by a forged ethnic map of Asia Minor
Map showing distances between early Islamic conquests and campaigns to Medina in Arabia.
7,886 Janissaries in the Ottoman Empire in 1528
More than 10 European countries fit inside Turkey
Literacy in Austria-Hungary (1880)
Turkish election 2015, Akp voters in provinces
Crimean Khanate and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Growth of the Ottoman Empire
Journey of Gifford Palgrave through Arabia (1862-63)
Globe in a Ottoman miniature (1595)
Turkish population in southeast Europe 1878-1921
Albanian speakers in the kingdom of Greece
India 1765-1857
Countries smaller than Turkey
Population map of northeast Syria in 1941 based on the survey of the High commission
Turkish election 2015, Akp voters in provinces
Delhi, Mughal capital in India before the siege of 1857
French ethnic map of Jazira province in Northeast Syria in 1939
One third of the population of Turkey lives in 6% of the area
1974 Cyprus massacresof Turkish villages
Burned villages in the Yalova peninsula during the Greek Turkish war 1919-1922
Literacy rate in Eastern Europe in 1900
Turkish election 2015, MHP voters in provinces
Armenia demographics in 1800 and 2000
Mainland Greece fits inside Turkey
GDP per capita in Europe in 1500,1700 and 2008
Turkey overlaid over Europe
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