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World elevation map depicted in greyscale; where brighter is higher.
Extreme poverty (<$1.25 a day) in South, East and South-East Asia as % of population: 1981 vs 2017
The lush greenness south of the Himalayas vs dry Tibet. How the tallest mountain range effects rainfall
Brasil has the same number of homicides a year as all the blue countries combined
Legal status of recreational marijuana use in Asia
Origin of all citrus species on the planet: revealed by new genetic study published on Nature. East Assam, South Arunachal, North Myanmar and West Yunnan
Countries that (in principle) have both a free and universal health care system
Number of Nobel Prize winners by country
Countries with atleast 10 metro systems
Number of species of birds by country
Countries with mountain summits located above 7000 metres from mean sea level
Countries where apostacy is punishable by death
Countries by elevation extremes (highest point minus lowest point)
World's largest tea growing region, the state of Assam in North-Eastern India
Number of metro rail systems currently under construction by country
Average temperature in Indian state capitals during the hottest month of the year
Countries by total crude steel production. Watch out for gap between top 1 and 2
Detailed world water risk map
German economy (4th largest in the world) fitted into China
Legality of euthanasia around the world
Public external debt of countries as % of GDP
Corruption Perception Index 2016 vs 2017, how countries have changed.
Countries by military expenditure as % of GDP (official or estimated)
Thorium reserves as % of total by country
Countries with a larger population than the Indonesian island of Java
The continent with the lowest average homicide rate vs the continent with the highest: Asia vs the Americas
Gross Domestic Product(GDP) countries: 1984 vs 2018
States of India that have snowfall
The changing wealth of countries
Countries by highest point (metres above mean sea level)
Research and Development expenditure as % of GDP: Asia
Fertility rate: South Asia (2017)
South and East Asia: Fertility rate comparison
Total Fertility Rate (Number of children per woman) in India: 2017
Detailed linguistic map of Nepal
India by number of official languages per state
Human Development Index (HDI) changes: China and India from 1990-2018
Countries by number of unique land border neighbours
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of countries in 2018
Forest area by country divisions in South and East Asia (also Myanmar)
An interesting map; rice and white output vs population density
Detailed map of all major languages spoken in North-Easter India, Bhutan, Bangladesh and parts of Nepal
Annual mean solar irradiance: World (in Watt per metre squared)
Countries by land border length #mapswithoutNZ
Annual River Discharge of the major rivers in the world
How the world has changed: GDP of continents 2010 vs 2016
Increase in number of total internet users: 2000 vs 2018 (top 20 countries by internet users in 2018)
India: A diagonal divide
India forest area in 2015 and change in the last 2 years. (1.1% overall growth in forest area)
GDP (nominal) per capita of Indian subdivisions
India's north-south mainland distance (administered points) laid out on Europe
Air quality map of India
Land use map of North-East India. The region is only 8% of India's land area but accounts for 27% of the country's 800,000 sq km forest area.
India average annual temperature
Nominal GDP of Indian states and union territories
Indian states that have never recorded temperatures above 40°C (104°F). US states with the same feature are Alaska and Hawaii.
Number of UNESCO world heritage sites in India
Highest altitude in Indian states and Union territories (metres above MSL)
China Railway divisions
Solar power potential by region: India
Population density of the sub-divisions of China and India
Countries with bigger GDP than the Chinese province of Guangdong
The legendary Ledo/Stillwell Road. During WWII, the U.S. Army pushed through a road from Assam (India) to China amidst treacherous mountain jungle terrain, to create a supply line through Japan occupied Burma.
Proposed(but not approved) dams on the Great Bend of the Tsangpo. For perspective, UK's 2017 electricity generation was 105,000 MW. More info in comments
Map of the Brahmaputra/Tsangpo basin. 34.6% of all river water in India flows through this basin.
Wheat vs Rice Production: India and China, a revealing map
India Zonal Council divisions
India's electrification progress: 2011 v 2017
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of countries in 1984 (not adjusted for inflation)
Nobel prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. Made after request on last post.
Corruption Perceptions Index; released today. Detailed map and table.
Kibithu, India's easternmost town is 100 km closer to Pyongyang, North Korea than it is to India's westernmost point in Gujarat.
Detailed map on Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of countries: 2018
Countries with a bigger economy than the Yangtze river delta of China
Border between India and Bangladesh laid out on Europe
Internet speeds: Asia, May 2020
Official/de facto languages by country
Share of renewable energy in total energy production of each Indian state.
Covid-19 tests per million: Indian states
Average annual GDP growth by country from 1990-2015
Indian capital cities by maximum elevation within city proper boundaries
China and India, Human Development Index (HDI): 1990 and 2018
India divided into three economies, Russia, Spain and Norway
Internet speeds in Asia, May 2020
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