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All European (and some nearby) countries ever at war with Germany since 1870
All European Lands Ever Legally Ruled by Ethnic Germans
Perhaps another, before we all lose interest: Eight ways to divide Michigan .png
Eight ways to divide the German state of Bavaria
Number of churches in Europe taller than 75 meters
Number of German Speakers by Country and Official Status
All territories that were once part of Bavaria, categorized by the century they were permanently lost.
Since these are still being shared: Eight ways to divide Wisconsin .
What the World's Heads of Government Studied for their Undergrad Degrees (current as of July 2018)
Total snowfall accumulation in contiguous United States from September 30 2018 to April 1 2019
Temperature Extremes by State/Province/Territory in Canada and the US
Germany's governors by eye color
Top Agricultural Commodity by State or Province in the US and Canada
Number of Top-Tier German Political Office Holders Born in Each German State
Religious Affiliation of German State Governors and their Ministers (November 2018)
Communities in Wisconsin (USA) named for places in Germany
Known or probable birthplaces of all supreme rulers of the Holy Roman Empire (919-1806 CE) shown on map of Europe with present day borders
Number of Top-Tier US Political Office Holders Born in Each State
Hometowns of the Members of the German Federal Government
Oldest Still Active Church Congregation in Each State or Territory of the USA by Founding Date
Hunters per 1000 people in the US
All Saints Day: Number of individuals from each country who get their own commemoration in one particular American mainline Protestant denomination, the ELCA.
Custer's battle-field (June 25th 1876), by Charles Becker and Edward Maguire, 1992
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography