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Race and Ethnicity in New York City
African American in the United States
The definitive US counties demographic map (2016 data)
Counties with more than 20% Hispanic or Latino on population
Asian American in the United States
Counties with more than 25% African American on population (2016)
Counties with more than 20% African American on population (2016)
Largest Religion Tradition in Africa
Distribution of Lion (Panthera Leo) in the past and present
Counties where the majority of the voters chose Barack Obama in 2008 and then Donald Trump in 2016
Climate in the US by county
Countries and States with a Jewish population higher than 100,000
American Jews by county, 2011
Largest Ancestry by County, 2010
Number of venomous animals by country
The World divided in four areas with the same GDP (2016)
Median Household Income in USA and Canada
Counties with more than 20% and less than 5% under65 persons without health insurance (2016)
Australian residents by country of birth, 2016
Foreign born persons in US counties, 2016
Language other than English spoken at home in California
USA divided in five areas with the same GDP
African American on population by Congressional District (2016)
Diffusion of Afrikaans in South Africa districts
Human Development Index by State/Territory in USA and Canada, 2017
Life expectancy in US counties
Human Development Index of the world's countries compared to the Chinese one
Asian population in California counties
California divided in four areas with equal population
US richest counties
United States HDI compared to Germany
Sub-national Human Development Index (HDI) in the Americas
Birthplace of the US Presidents
Congressional Districts by current Representative's party as of 2018/06/01
Most popular sports around the world
Most important high-tech companies in San Francisco Bay Area
Asian people on population in USA and Canada, 2016
Largest immigrant community by country in Europe
Last five Senate election by state (at February 2018)
US Counties where the population density is less than Canada
Race and Ethnicity in New York City Neighborhoods
Largest Ancestry by State, 2010
Italian-Americans in the US, 2015
Asian American in California by Congressional District
Largest Asian Ethnicity by Congressional District in California
Countries with higher GDP than Texas (2016)
Trump Job approval by state (Gallup polling)
African American population in the Deep Southern States (SC, GA, AL, MS, LA)
Texas divided in four areas with equal population
Time Zones in the United States
Fertility rate per woman, 2015 data
United States 1920 presidential election
Number of Grateful Dead concerts by state (1965-2015)
Countries where homosexuality is illegal
2018 World Cup results
Number of Fortune 500 Companies by State
Religion in America
Number of Walmart stores per capita by State
Idea for a new subdivision of the United States, respecting the current county borders
Concealed gun carry laws around the world
US States and some European Countries compared by Human Development Index (2017)
World Countries by Median Age (2018)
There are more people living inside this circle than outside of it
Percentage of adults who are antisemitic
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