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The true size of Alaska
US States that recognize the Armenian genocide
Homicide rate around the world per 10,000 people
How big Madagascar really is
Suicide ratio worldwide
How many counties from your house to a Wendy's in Canada?
National parks of Mexico
HDI by province in the Phillippines
NFl fans in the U.S according to Facebook
How many U.S presidents has each state produced?
This road in The Netherlands
Traffic fatalities per 100k people in the United States
Map of all forest/woodland cover in Europe (and surrounding areas)
HDI in Italy by region
HDI in Indonesia by region
How many counties from your house to a Wendy's location in the United States?
HDI in Sudan by region
While the trend is still going, here is a map of China divided into approximately split populated regions.
If the Mongol empire reunited today at it's peak
Countries ranked in GDP according to World Bank
You can fit the entire state of California inside of Peru and still be able to drive around it
How the world map has changed since 1938
World without Europe
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography