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Peoples of the Soviet Union (1980) - National Geographic
Russia's governors by eye color
Government debt as % of GDP in Europe by country
Death penalties by country 2017
European countries with smaller population than Moscow
Map of Russia's murder rate, 2000 vs 2017
How many liters of gasoline can be bought for monthly salary in various European countries
Y-DNA similarity between Russians and other Europeans
Population of Europe in 1444
Climate anomaly of December 29, 2017.
Female obesity in European countries + USA
European countries and USA by Internet users
Support for same-sex marriage in Europe
Jewish population in the Russian empire, 1897
Sweden's governors by eye color
Constructed genetic map of Europe showing the degree of relatedness between its populations (2008)
Concentrations of Mongol ethnic populations
Moscow population overlaid on a map of Russia
Russians in Russia, according to 2010 census
Real size of Argentina
Homicide rate compared to Russia
Largest minority by federal subject of Russia
Russia Population Density Detailed Map
GDP growth 2017 in Europe
Projected global climate change, 1976-2100
"Why is" first result on Google Russia
Etymology of European country names in English
Average male height by federal district of Russia
Slavic tribes in the 7th to 9th century
GDP per capita compared to Europe average
World Map in China
Fertility rate by federal subject of Russia, 2017
Human Development Index of the world's countries compared to the Russian one
Most hated countries
Russian minorities in world
Alleles associated with fair hair and eyes
Circassian expulsion to Ottoman empire and modern ethnic map of Caucasus
GDP per capita compared to EU average
Russians in EU
Putin's election result around the world
Male - female education difference
Russian murder rate by region: 2000 vs 2017
Two maps showing percentage of Ukrainian population in Russian regions — 1897 and 2002
Lithuania in 1430
How many kilometers can you go by taxi for a monthly net salary per day in European countries + USA
The real size of Mongolia
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography