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Jewish Population in Europe, 1933 and 2015
Roman Expeditions into Sub-Saharan Africa
Countries where the swear-word "Siktir" appears in the native language
Spread of the word "Sugar"
Map of Umayyad Caliphate at its height
Map of Tibetan Empire
Map of Seljuk Sultanate, 1096 AD
─░stanbul Elections Comparison: 31 March and 23 June
Trans-African Highways
Number of Starbucks stores in Europe As of 2019
World Wheat Production
Public Support For Same Sex Marriage in Asia
Cities mentioned in the Old Testament
World Rice Production Map
Map of Chad
The "-stan" Countries in Turkish
Map of Seljuk Sultanate
World Apple Production Map
Africa in 1880 and Africa in 1913
16th Century Ottoman Map of Europe on a modern map of Europe
Turkic Groups in Asia and Europe
Tradition of Removing Shoes in Home
Map of Achaemenid Empire
Starbucks Stores By Country in Asia
African Slave Trade Map
World Corn Production
Hittite Empire and its vassals
Map of Couto Misto, a microstate existed on the border between Spain and Portugal. Was founded in the 10th century and annexed in 1868
Average number of frost days by year
Sugar In Turkic Languages
Islamic Sects Map
Public Support in Europe for Same-Sex Marriage
North Sentinel Island
World Map Made By Muhammed Al-Idrisi, 12th Century
The Oghuzes
Topographical map of Turkey
Egypt under Muhammad Ali Dynasty
Somalian Piracy Threat Map from 2005 to 2010
Ottoman Map of Europe, 1803
Topographic Map of China
Kineta Wildfire Expansion
Empires of the Nomads
Conquest of Sinai 1967
Turkic and Mongolian Empires
Support for the leftist Die Linke (The Left) party in 2019 European Parliament election in Germany
Mosques present in 1878 in Cyprus
Protectorates of the Chinese Tang Empire
Migrations of Austronesian Peoples
List of countries in Near East by total wealth in Billions USD (2018)
Somalian Piracy Threat Map (2005-2011)
Washing Hands with Soap and Water After Going to the Toilet
Maurya Empire, 246 BC
Blank Political Map of the World with administrative divisions (detailed)
Percentage of Irreligious People in Europe
Arabia according to Ptolemy
West Asia, 6th century BC
Nestorian Christianity in Asia
Vikings from Sweden and their genetic similarity to European populations
Ottoman Empire at its peak
Decriminalization of Homosexuality in Asia
Map of Byzantine-Arab naval battles
Countries where Nowruz (Iranian New Year) is celebrated
Map of Islamic sects and Schools of thought
Number of Starbucks stores in Europe As of May 2018
Alevis of Turkey
Turkic and Mongolian Empires
World in 1918, 2 months before the end of WW1
Expansion of Mongol Empire in 13th Century
How Many People Said "Free" for "Three" in the UK in 1950s
Timurid Empire at its greatest extent
Steppes in Eurasia
Nations with diplomatic missions in Israel and nations with diplomatic missions in Palestine
Turkish Conquests in Balkans in 14th century
Number of Participants in largest LGBT events in Europe with dates
Map of current locust infestation in Africa and Asia
Israel and Judah in 880 BC
Sassanid Empire
Turkey's borders according to the National Pact
The Travels of Zheng He, the Ming expeditioner
2008 Electricity Theft Percentages in Turkey
Genetic similarity of a Bronze Age Anatolian to European peoples
Khazar Khaganate, the first and only Jewish Empire ever existed in Europe
The Late Bronze Age collapse, 1250-1150 BC
Jewish Kingdoms
Countries visited by Tenzin Gyatso (Dalai Lama)
A Windows XP time zone settings map
Roman Gladiator from York and His Genetic Similarity Map
Prevelance of Circumcision
Death Rates from Skin Cancers in Europe (2004)
Turk genetic similarity percentage map
Azerbaijan pipeline map
Hungarian invasions in Europe
Medals in Wrestling (World Wrestling Championships) in Middle East
Anatolia, 14th century
Central Asian Genetic Similarity Percentage Map
The Battle of Ankara, 1402
Sunni and Shia Muslims in Armenia between 1886-90 and in 2018
Rulers of Europe in 1518 AD
Short-lived United Arab States (1958-1961)
Adolf Hitler's Headquarters
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