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Thomas Jefferson's plan to create 14 new states between the Appalachians and the Mississippi River .
The source country of each U.S. state's largest number of legal immigrants in 1910 and 2013 .
Ohio's Congressional districts .
Austria-Hungary's borders in comparison with modern borders .
Hungarian percentage in Hungary, 1890 .
Ethnic Russians (as a percentage of the total population) in Russia in 1989 .
Europe in 1871 .
A 1915 Puck Magazine cartoon called the Awakening. It shows which U.S. states had yet to grant women the suffrage during this time .
Number of people born in the given country currently living abroad, as a percentage of current population .
Concentration and extermination camps in Europe during World War II .
New York population density map .
A population density map of Florida .
February 1956 Map of UN Partition Plan for Palestine, adopted 29 Nov 1947, with boundary of previous UNSCOP partition plan added in green .
The most viewed porn categories, by country .
A map of German unification .
A population density map of China .
A congressional district map of North Carolina .
Muslims in European Union countries in 2050 in a medium migration scenario .
Someone's ideal version of post-World War I Poland .
A map of Europe in 1922 in a scenario where the Central Powers win World War I .
Michigan population density map .
Hungarian territorial gains between 1938 and 1941 .
Racial population dot map of northern Virginia .
1938 German map of Germans in Europe .
Walmart square footage per person in 2014 .
Swedish ancestry in the U.S. in 2000 .
African population density map for 1960 .
A map of World War II in Europe in 1941-1942 .
Poland's borders in 1772, 1793, 1795, and 1921 .
A proposed federal solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict .
Population density map of Ohio .
Georgia population density map .
Population density map of Missouri .
Porn preferences by U.S. state .
Hungarians in Romania in 2002 .
A population density map of New Jersey .
A population density map of Pennsylvania .
Population growth (in terms of percents) by U.S. state between 2000 and 2010 .
Projected Congressional states by U.S. state in 2020 .
A population density map of Louisiana .
Arkansas population change by county between 2000 and 2010 .
The Partitions of Poland .
Language map of Europe in 1914 .
Soviet advances on the Eastern Front of World War II in 1943-1944 .
German territorial losses 1919-1945 .
A map of German Austria .
Serbs in Yugoslavia in 1981 .
Paris in 1815 versus 2019 .
Population density map of Europe (minus most of Scandinavia) and the Mediterranean .
Death rate from drug poisoning/overdose .
Utah population density map .
Jews (as a percentage of the total population) in the Ukrainian SSR in 1926 .
Population density map of Tennessee .
County map of American Civil War battles by theater and year .
Wisconsin population density map .
A population density map of Alabama .
A population density map of Poland .
Arkansas population by county .
Bribery rates across Europe and Central Asia .
1884 U.S. presidential election results by county .
Illinois population density map .
A map of the Axis occupation of France between 1940 and 1944 .
2008 Democratic primary results by county with and without the Black vote .
Non-Hispanic White total fertility rate by U.S. state .
Colorado congressional districts map .
A population density map of Arizona .
Idaho population density map .
Nevada population density map .
Origins of significant figures from the United States between 1800 and 1950 .
Two ways to divide Eastern Europe .
Maine population density map .
U.S. states by American human development index .
A population density map of Oregon .
Land reclamation in Singapore between 1960 and 2030 .
A map of the territories that the Entente promised to Italy and Serbia in the 1915 Treaty of London .
Population density by county in Illinois in 1850 and 1860 .
Alabama 2017 U.S. Senate election by congressional district . Roy Moore won six out of seven congressional districts but lost the state overall.
Colorado population density map .
A map of the population density in Czechia in 2007 .
Montana population density map .
Washington population density map .
An ethnic map of Romania in 1941 .
The Jewish population in Romania in 1930 .
An autobahn map of Greater Germany in 1944
School integration in the Southern US in 1964 .
Population density map of African-Americans .
A road map of Latvia, by OnddIE .
2004 Deer population index in Virginia .
Virginia population density map .
Cartogram for 2013 Virginia's gubernatorial election .
Jews (as a percentage of the total population) in Ukrainian oblasts in 1959 .
Ukraine's total fertility rate by oblast in 1990 .
Historical changes in Jerusalem's municipal borders .
A map of an expansionist Iraq .
A map of the results of the 2018 US House of Representatives elections .
1910 British map of the ethnographic situation in the Middle East .
A population density map of North Carolina .
Shaul Mofaz's 2009 plan for a Palestinian state with provisional borders .
Population density by county in the Southwestern U.S. between 1900 and 1990 .
Russian Constituent Assembly elections, 1917 results . From Anatoly Karlin's blog on the Unz Review.
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