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Approximate extent of Mongolian Empire at its height in 1279 compared to modern countries
Countries with Native Wild Big Cats
The Actual First World War? Participants in the Seven Years War 1756-1763
Number of Remaining Castles in UK & Ireland
Historical range of the use of war elephants throughout history
Names of Germany
Correlation or Causation?
Cities which have historically been claimed to be Britain's Second City
If Bangladesh had the same population, but with the population density of Mongolia, it would be approximately the size of Africa, Asia, and Europe combined
Approximate period of modern human occupation of each country or region.
Partition of Verdun 843AD over modern Europe
Countries by number of Popes born within their modern borders
Locations of Still-Trading Business Founded before 1700 AD
Roman Era Map with Modern Borders
Approximate Location of Every Sunken Aircraft Carrier
Average Age by Country
The Western Schism 1378-1417
How much each country's population is expected to change between 2020 and 2100
Coastline map of Itapiruba, Brazil
US States with natural geographic borders
Europe, Middle East and North Africa with only physical borders
Members of the African Continental Free Trade Area as at 21 March 2018
Antarctica's very odd timezones
Derivations of the name of Greece
Men's Rugby Rankings as at 12 February 2018
Is the Head of State Also the Head of Government?
Place of birth of Holy Roman Emperors
Y Haplogroups of the World
State/Official Religion through the Centuries
The decline and fall of the Mongol Empire, 1300-1600
Average Age as a Percentage of Life Expectancy
Number of German district borders between you and the sea or another country
This extremely detailed map of the Aztec Empire and its neighbours immediately before the conquest
Language of Original Etymology of Historic Counties in Britain and Ireland
Electoral History of the Holy Roman Empire
Most Likely Origin of Each Country's Name in English
Degrees of Separation From the Roman Empire
Modern London Heathrow Airport drawn over a map of the area during WW2
Heatmap of lawyers fees, England and Wales 2011
Percentage of Players Naming Each Country in Sporcle's "Countries of the World Quiz"
Predominant language family by province of Asia
History of the Number of Urban Metro Systems by Country
The Streets of Porters Lake, Nova Scotia
Is each country's demonym the name of a language spoken there?
Territorial Evolution of the Crusader State 1090-1600
Kings of Poland Lithuania by place of birth
Current Guidebook Coverage by "the Lonely Planet"
The red and green areas each have approximately the same population as Bangladesh
What is each county in Britain and Ireland named after?
This spectacularly unhelpful map from the UK Parliament
The Achaemenid Empire in c.500 BC Compared to the Continental USA at the Same Latitude
The earliest possible political map of Britain & Ireland with modern boundaries
Number of Lighthouses per County in the UK and Ireland
National Animal Policy by Country
Locations of Past and Current UN Peacekeeping missions
Last time each country won a match at the Men's Fifa Football World Cup
African Syncretic Religions in the Americas
Decade of Most Recent Change to National Flag
Number of Castles in Each French Department
Largest Religion Other than Christianity or None in the US and Canada
Flag map of the world in 1789
The Anglo-Spanish War, 1586-1604
National Bird Policy by Country
Elective Government in Europe c.1590
The glorious madness of Mappa Mundi with modern borders
Adherents of Folk Religions according to Wikipedia
Large Predatory Mammals in Europe by Country
Location of Napoleonic Battles
% of Population Adhering to Largest Religion
Post-Brexit political map?
“Do you consider the countries listed below to be a friend or an enemy of the United States?”
Land use in Oxford Town Centre
Number of UK Prime Ministers who were MPs in each historic county
Location of Anglo-Scottish battles between 900AD-1600AD
Prevalence of Large Lakes by Country in Fourt Different Measures
County Population in the British Isles
"Blackbirding"- Forced Labour Sources, Routes and Destinations in the Pacific, 1840-1930
Density of National Parks & Other Protected Areas in Britain & Ireland
A Global Follow-Up to the Hapsburg Map Earlier
Countries by predominant ethnic group as defined in the UK census
County Court Closures in England and Wales 2009-2018
Very detail map of Scotland in 1947
Every major battle or campaign in Chinese History
Proliferation of McDonald's Restaurants Per Capita
Stages of the Fall of the Western Roman Empire
Nigerian State Names Origin
Three routes: Tripoli to Tripoli (23 hours); Tripoli to Tripoli (40 hours); and Tripoli to Tripoli via Tripoli (18 hours)
Map of the branches of the Turkic language family by administrative region
Important Rulers of the Near East in 550 BC Set Over Modern Borders
The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea has some really odd patterns.
Number of Battles per Historic County in the British Isles During the Civil Wars 1637-1654 (According to Wikipedia)
Every Country Coloured Alphabetically
Countries (and territories) by population relative to Shanghai
Number of People who have been to Space by (Modern) Country of Birth
MapPorn background map vs Google maps of the same area
Prevalence of Religious Belief in the US and Canada Other Than Christianity or Irreligion
The world in c.1500 had the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) been fully implemented
Countries and territories relative to Chongqing (slightly one-upping Shanghai)
Bordering Oceans
UK Government's current asylum policy
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