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Cigarette smoking among adults in the U.S. and Canada
U.S. Megaregions with Areas of Influence in 2050
America's Friends and Enemies According to the American People, 2017
The United States redrawn as fifty states with equal population, 2010 census
States in the U.S. by population growth rate from 1950-2016
French speaking population in the U.S.
Area Codes in the United States
Current Power Status by Country
Mean center of U.S. population 1790 to 2040
Likely Nuclear Strike Targets in the U.S.
Countries with nuclear-powered submarines
Countries with nuclear power reactors
Countries with Moody's credit rating of Aaa
Party Affiliation of the Governor of Each State and Territory of the U.S.
Incarceration Rate by Country
Open carry in the U.S.
41 states plus D.C. have a smaller population than Los Angeles County, California
High-income countries according to the World Bank, 2018
Top 10 Most Populous Countries on July 1, 2018, U.S. Census Bureau
States in the U.S. with Highest and Lowest Infrastructure Quality, 2016
Hypothetical 'Six Californias' Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election
Aircraft carriers in service
U.S. States by Population Growth Rate, 1950-2016
2020 Reapportionment Projection
America's Most Partisan Counties, 2016 Election
Countries with more than 1,000 airports
Estimated Gun Ownership by State
States by total independent vote share, 2016 presidential election
Mormons in the U.S.
Venezuela crisis update
The Five Eyes and the major agencies involved in intelligence sharing
State by religiosity, 2016
Asian Americans in the U.S.
Percent of U.S. adult population who are veterans, 2016
Prevalence of Binge Drinking in the U.S.
Topographic map of Florida
Median Home Values in the U.S. and Canada
French speaking population in Louisiana (including creole languages)
Texas Population Density, 2010
20 Most Populous Countries, 2050
Firearm laws on school campuses in the U.S.
U.S. Population: 5 Miles to an Interstate Highway
Average wealth per adult, 2017
Ohio presidential election results by county, 2008 vs. 2016
California Population Density, 2010
State of California Population Compared with the World
Fastest growing counties in each state
Present and planned Tesla supercharger locations in North America, 2018
Economy by economic analysis region in the U.S., 3rd quarter 2017
Top 10 largest economies in 2017 if both California and Texas were nation states
Net Approval Rating for Governors Running for Reelection in 2018
Top 10 Most Populous Countries on July 1, 2018 (remade), U.S. Census Bureau
Hispanics/Latinos in the U.S.
GDP by State, Q1 2018
Top Five Counties of Each State in the Midwest by Median Household Income, 2010
Quality of roads by country
Average ACT score by state
Transportation Infrastructure of the U.S., 2015
U.S. projected population change by state 2010-2040
Congressional district results for the question "Should the government increase or decrease military spending?" from 1,085,552 voters since July, 2017
U.S. Air Force Facilities
Los Angeles County's population is larger than 10 states + DC combined
Wage Growth in Selected OECD Countries, 2018
States and territories by fertility rate in the U.S.
Projected GDP per capita, 2050
Countries with GDP per capita above $60,000 in 2020
GDP %change by State, Q3-Q4 2017
2017 median home values by state in the US
Nuclear-Armed States, 2018
Hypothetical Five Eyes Union
2030 Population Projection of Ohio
Median Home Sales Price from May-Aug 2017 in Colorado
Florida's senate seat was determined by just 30,264 votes with 99% of precincts reporting
Breakdown of the 2016 Vote in Alabama
Top 50 countries by number of internet hosts
18-29 voters' support for Trump, 2016 election
Made-In Country Index, 2017
Use of the United States Dollar
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Status by Country
Median Household Income in the United States (2013-2017)
World's Cyberforces
2016 Election: New Hampshire
% Change in Housing Units in the United States from 2010 to 2017
Racial distribution in Cincinnati, Ohio
Active militia and antigovernment organizations in the U.S.
Countries with military satellites
Current advisories, watches and warnings in the U.S. (NWS)
(Hypothetical) The Great United States of America
Countries that use the United States Dollar as their main currency
Current Temperature Map of the U.S.
Native Spanish-speaking U.S. population compared to country populations
Nurse Practitioner Practice Authority in the U.S.
State constitutional right to bear arms
Aircraft carriers in service
Hispanic and Latino Population in the U.S.
Number of countries citizens can enter without a visa
Percent of population Hispanic or Latino in California, 2013
Traffic right now in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, CA
Top 10 Countries for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse
Countries with more aircraft than the U.S. Navy
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