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Percentage of EU citizens who are happy living in their country
Percentage of Europeans who have favourable opinion of Israel
Amish Population Growth
Percentage of Europeans who have never used a computer (2015)
European countries by number of Billboard No. 1 singles
"I believe that women are inferior to men" - Percentage in selected countries who agree
Percentage of Europeans who have not consumed alcohol in last 12 months
Planned redistribution of seats in European parliament for 2019 elections
Percentage of 16-29 year old Europeans who identify with no religion
Border change proposal for Batman province, Turkey
Life expectancy at age 60
Percentage of Europeans who have not heard about the Holocaust
UN member countries condemning Zionism as "a form of racism and racial discrimination" in 1975 [1357 x 628)
Views of Germany's influence in selected other countries
Changes in Life expectancy of African countries 1990 to 2015
Mean age of European mothers at first birth
Percentage of EU citizens who visited museum or gallery in last 12 months
Most common gender among immigrant groups in Germany
Last time that countries had a male head of government
Support for Iraq War among EU citizens in 2003
Largest immigrant groups in European countries
Percentage of EU population aged 15-34 years who speak Russian
Support for same-sex marriage in Europe
Drug-related deaths in Europe
"To fix our country, we need a strong leader willing to break the rules" - Percentage in selected world countries who agree
Percentage of European live births outside of marriage
Europeans' trust in government
Political topics Europeans worry most about
Legality of Gender discrimination in hiring
Percentage of Europeans who agree that "government should support religious values and beliefs"
Percentage of Europeans who believe that "Jews have too much control over global affairs"
German Cities with Italian names
"All things considered, immigration is mostly positive for our country" - Percentage of Europeans who agree
Percentage who are *against* same-sex marriage
GDP per capita of largest world economies in 2050
Percentage of Europeans who have positive view of Donald Trump
Percentage of EU citizens who have positive view about United Kingdom (2017)
Unfavourability rating of Vladimir Putin in selected European countries (2017)
Largest Jewish communities in 1933's Germany
Percentage of Europeans who feel free to express themselves in today's society
Left/Right margin of German States according to latest polls
Date of European heads of governments' first inauguration
Male life expectancy of world countries compared with Russia
Percentage of Europeans willing to accept Jews as members of their family
Percentage of EU citizens who feel positive about non-EU immigration
Suicide rate in age group 15-19 in OECD and other countries
Distribution of Vegetarians in Germany
Prevalence of Overweight among African adults
Budget surplus or deficit in European countries in 2016
Percentage of employees in OECD countries working very long hours
Inflation of consumer prices in Europe 2016
Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2017 - Top 25 Cities
Territorial expansion of Prussia 1648 - 1795
European Fertility Rates in 2017
Government spending of European countries
How much longer will a 60-year-old person live on average?
Percentage of population aged 15-34 years whose mother tongue is one of country’s official languages
Religiously unaffiliated population share of world countries
Percentage of European adults with wealth under 10.000 $
Prevalence of overweight in female Europeans
Percentage in selected countries who'd find it acceptable if "a male child always dressed and expressed himself as a girl"
Percentage of 16-29 year old Europeans who identify as Catholic
Free Imperial Cities of the Holy Roman Empire in 1792
Changes in EU countries' public debt 2014-2017
Employment rate of Italy and neighbouring countries on regional level in 2017
Median hourly earnings of European employees in 2014
GDP comparion of Italy and Germany 1990 - 2020
Percentage of Eurozone citizens considering Euro 'a good thing' in 2018
Tax burden comparison of European singles and married couples with children
European unemployment rates in 2017
Ease of Starting a Business in European countries
Largest English towns and cities in 1377
Percentage in selected countries who believe that "being gay, lesbian, transgender or intersex should be a crime"
Population change of German cities between 1950 and 2016
Estimates of 2022 European GDP per capita
Percentage of European countries' population in full-time employment
Percentage of Europeans with "absolutely certain" belief in God
Number of immigrants in Israel by country of origin
How British regions would vote in 2nd Brexit referendum
European GDP Growth in 2018 (IMF Projection)
European unemployment rates in 2005
Percentage of Europeans who distrust religious authorities
Average weekly working hours per worker
Percentage of EU citizens who believe globalization threatens their country's identity
Millionaires by country
Population of African countries in 2100 with constant fertility rate
Changes in public debt of EU countries 2000 - 2015
Robot density in selected countries (2016)
Voronoi diagram of Germany
European countries by Persons per Lawyer
Share of foreign nationals in German cities and districts
Number of companies among 100 top producers of greenhouse gas emissions since 1988
Percentage of Europeans who pray daily
Average annual working hours of European countries in 2018
Change in foreign-born population of European countries 1990 to 2015
European GDP per capita in 1990
Immigrants in Germany by country of origin
Germany's largest Urban agglomerations
Fertility rates of Asian countries in 2017
Changes of European fertility rates 1995 - 2015
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