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Gun ownership
Shocking discovery for an Indian, Mapporn for the rest of the world.
Ancient Cradles of civilization
Area/population comparison
Pakistan in its first hours
Indian Military Influence
Border Barriers, Pak-Afghan Border fencing underway.
Names given to India and their origins.
Homicide rates
Indus Valley Civilization
Stereotypes in Pakistan
Etymological Map of Southern Asia
Population density of IR of Pakistan
The Doabs of Punjab, India-Pakistan.
Karachi Urban Jungle and Mangrove Jungle
South Asia 2012,
Birthright citizenship
World Ahmedi population
Hazara and Pashtun Lands in Pakistan and Afghanistan
Expansion of Lahore City through the ages
Kashmir: Oldest unresolved UN resolution.
Current provinces were made by Brits when they ruled, while the map on left divides country into linguistic, ethnic or geographic regions in hope to improve administration. Any suggestions?
Non-Abrahamic faiths of South Asia
Kashmir and Indus conflict Mapped
Muslim population by country, 2009.
Kashmir/Indus Dispute between Pakistan, India and China.
How Southwest region of Pakistan became Part of Pakistan
(Proposed) Provinces for Pakistan
Provinces, Federally Administered Tribal Territories, Autonomous Regions, Occupied regions, Claimed regions and territorial Waters of Pakistan
If I define regions of the world like this, guess where am I from?
Junagadh and Manavadar (1947)
History of Borders of North West Indian Sub Continent
Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, where FRC (colonial era black law) still exists. . Home for most Afghan refugees
Dividing Pakistan in 9 ways
Christianity by 111 A.H.
1946 elections of British India
South Asia Land Cover
Indian Subcontinent in 1760
Pakistan (w/iok) size comparison
Can not unsee.
Pak-Afghan used to be conjoined twins
British Punjab, Religious distribution in 1931, prior to Partition
Punjab Province, British India. And Princely States.
(Extended South Asia)
Northern Languages Map
France, UK, Germany and Pakistan size comparison
Durand Line
Pakistan and Afghanistan
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography