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Doggerland, the Europe That Was
Size comparison of the top ten largest countries in the world
Trumpland: voting patterns in the 2016 Presidential Elections
The true scale of the Mariner Canyon of Mars, superimposed up a map of the United States
Greek geographer Strabo's map of the world,in his book Geographica, 7 BC to 23 AD
Ethnic groups in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1910
Map of rival gang turfs, 1840-1910, New York
New Zealand lighthouse chart, 1900
The Visigothic Empire of Spain in 700 AD, just prior to the Muslim invasion of 711
The Clinton Archipelago: Distribution of Democratic voters in the 2016 Presidential Election.
Main routes of the world ice trade, 1856
Territorial Acquisitions of USA
Half the US population lives in just these nine states
A map of the Celtic tribes of Britain and Ireland
Largest participating religious group by county in the USA, 2010
Antarctica without ice sometime in the deeper future
Expansion of the Frankish Empire under the reign of Charlomagne
Royal Proclamation Line, 1763
Distribution of the Western Slavic tribes in the 9th-10th Centuries
Allied Counter-offensive in Europe, 1943-45
The three latest eruptions of Yellowstone super volcano
Tribal territories (rohe) of the Maori tribes of New Zealand
The spread of Celtic refugee settlements from Britain southward about the middle of the 6th Century AD
Megalakes in the Green Sahara during the last Ice Age, about 20,000 years ago
Flying south for Winter: bird migration paths down across the US to South America
Switzerland during the Sonderbund War of 1847
The growth of the Old Swiss Confederation from 1291 to the 16th Century
Kievan Rus, 1015-1113 AD
Genghiz Khan's conquests, 12th-13th Centuries
Warlord territories in China during the Warlord Era of the 1920's
Map of post-Roman Britain, ca. 540 AD
Pre-European Empires of Ancient India, ca. 300 BCE to ca. 1600 AD
US power grid
The Assyrian Empire between 824 BC and 671 BC
World Distribution of J2 haplogroup
The Norse settlements in eastern Greenland, 14th Century
Map of the First Balkan War, October 1912-May 1913
The progress of the South Asian Monsoon throughout the year
Proposed Dolphin Sanctuary around New Zealand Coasts
Hotspot Track for the Hawaiian Islands and the Emperor Seamounts
Paths of the internal Great Migration, 1916-30
Post-glacial rebound in Britain since the ice age, ca. 20,000 tears ago
Distribution of the A-haplogroup in Africa
The range of the three main subspecies of lions during the Ice Age
Expansion of slavery between 1790 and 1850
Current distribution of prevailing Y-DNA haplogroups in Europe
The Amber Road from the Baltic to Europe
A map of the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy of England, 6th-9th Centuries AD
Map of World rubber production
Jesuit map of Lake Superior and Wisconsin, 1600's
mtDNA Haplogroup N distribution in northern Eurasia
The spread of Buddhism along the trade routes, 1st Century AD
The Taifas, the independent Islamic states of Muslim Spain, in 1031
Map of the Suebian territories at their greatest extent in the Iberian Peninsula, ca. 455 AD
Chinese Population Groups and Geographic Distribution
Xiongnu Empire, eastern Central Asia, ca 200 AD
Kingdom of Hungary between 1941 and 1944
Romanisation and the extent of civil boundaries in Britain ca. 140 AD
Second Balkan War, 29th June-10th August 1913
The Teutonic State along the shores of the Baltic Sea, 1260 AD, during the crusade against the pagan tribes of Old Prussia
John Evelyn's unused new street plan for the City of London after the Great Fire of 1666
Clipper routes followed from England to Australia and New Zealand
Map of the states and counties worst affected by the Dust Bowl drought, 1935-8
Map of Newark, New Jersey, showing ethnic divisions of the city ca. 1910
Temperature differences between the average for 1971-2000 and the Summer of 1816 (the Year Without a Summer) following the 1815 eruption of the Tambora volcano
Map of all the bombs that fell on London during the Blitz, October 1940-June 1941
Early Indian Tribes
Yellowstone Hotspot Track over the last few million years
Distribution of the nine indigenous tribes of Taiwan
The outline of the giant Martian shield volcano Olympus Mons imposed upon a map of France
Charles Booth's 1891 poverty map of Victorian London, with the poorest suburbs shown in the darkest hues
Map of Europe Showing Poland and Lithuania, 1561-1629
Siberia at the height of the last ice age
The Almohad Caliphate, which ruled in North Africa and Spain between 1121-1269
The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of 1635
Zones of desirability in Africa, 1891
Disputed borderlines leading to the Aroostook War
Nicholas Sanson'\s map of Florida, New Mexico and the island of California, 1656
Worldwide distribution of Haplotype R
Barghawata, the independent Berber state existing in northwest Africa between 744-1058 AD
The Kingdom of Bavaria, 1808
The Duchies of Swabia and Upper Burgandy, ca. 1000 AD
Map showing the severity of the nation-wide drought in August 1934
The Semitic kingdom of Yamhad (1810-1517 BC) in what is now Syria
The Creek War, 1813
Prehistoric northeastern North Carolina coastline, 125,000 years ago
Seismic fracture zones of the south eastern United States
Bedrock geology of Wisconsin
Changing internal and external borders of Canada
Paleogeography of North America
The Spanish-American War in Cuba, 1898-9
Changes to the shorelines of Port Royal, Jamaica, after the earthquake of 7th June, 1692
Map of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico, 1639
Map of the first Burgundian Kingdom between 443 and 476 AD
Dialect map for the Lithuanian language
Map of Yosemite, California, 1931, by Jo Mora
Cherokee Removal Routes
James Cook's 1773 map of New Zealand, Te Ara Government of NZ publication
Mafia territories in Sicily during Mussolini era
1718 map of the territory of future Illinois, drawn by Guilliame de L'Isle
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