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Europe in 1911
How the world looked at the time of Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Inca Empire at its peak, before the War of the Two Brothers and the Spanish contact
How the world looked at the time of Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Slavic tribes in Greece | 7th century
This is how Europe looked like in the 13th century
America sure looked different 180 years ago!
Made this map sometime ago, thought folks here might appreciate it
India, around the time of the death of Jesus Christ
Sumerian Empire
Everything is BIGGER in the Balkans - Greater National Projects of the Balkans
Middle East at the height of Armenian Empire
Old World at 633 AD, a year after Muhammad's death.
The ever-changing borders of the Balkans (1st and 2nd Balkan Wars, WW1)
I made a map of the Eastern hemisphere in 1066AD, we know it's a big year for England, but what about the rest of the world?
How to piss off everyone in 1066
Swedish Empire at its peak, 1658AD
Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth over modern borders Google Maps
Neo-Assyrian Empire, at its peak in 7th Century BC
North America, at the time of Texas annexation, (1845)
Europe and Middle East at the peak of the Islamic conquests, 720AD
East Asia and the Heavenly Kingdom, 1860
Ethnic map of Yugoslavia before and after the war 1990 - 2015
Europe according to the Serbian nationalist
Results of the Komnenian restoration
Short-lived Georgian Empire (13th century AD)
North Sea Empire
Low-quality map of the South China Sea dispute I made for an essay
Bulgaria - Territorial evolution (681-2018)
Byzantine Empire and the surrounding regions after the reconquest of Justinian the Great
Crusader States 1130s AD
British Isles (Britain and Ireland) 666AD
I made this map of the territorial changes in the aftermath of the First Balkan Warm 1912
Europe and the Middle East, during the Mongol Invasion
The rebirth of Islamic power
European colonisation of Africa
World, 1525
Europe, Middle East and North Africa, mid 18th century
If Serbia was a popular work of high fantasy
British Isles, 9th century
Asia on the eve of Mongol conquests
Europe, the opening of the "Eastern Question" 1773
Israel and its pals (10th century BC)
Few ways to divide Montenegro
Serbia, Bosnia, Dioclea and Croatia (1090 AD)
Asia, 500 AD
Balkans during the reign of Presian (Пресиян) the First of Bulgaria
Short-lived United Arab Republic (1958-1961)
Seljuk Empire, 1092AD
Simplified Map of Africa’s Religions but the coloring isn't cancer and its labeled
The fires of war are dying out in Europe, as Thirty Years War is coming to an end. A new age in Europe, in parallel, another war is coming to an end in Asia, and another age is beginning
Russia, 12th century
The Crusader States
East Europe, mid 15 century AD
Teutonic Order, territorial zenith
Middle East, 1300AD
Muslim genocide
Alternate outcome of the Crusades
Balkan Peninsula, during the height of the Serbian Empire under Dušan the Mighty
Balkans at the height of Kingdom of Bosnia and breakup of Serbian Empire
Eastern Europe & Balkans, late 17th century | closing stages of the Morean War
Baltic, 1300ᴬᴰ
All Pre-Columbian American civilizations (Part 1/2, BC/BCE)
Empires of India
North America, 1830 during the Trail of Tears (tribal lands shown roughly)
Empires of Tibet and China, Indian Empires and Islamic Empire (Asia)
Yes Voltaire, very Holy, very Roman and most certainly an Empire (H.R.E. in 1000AD)
Pre-Islamic Arabia
Peak of Almoravid power in Iberia
When the Winged Hussars arrived
All Pre-Columbian American civilizations (Part 2/2, AD/CE)
Ethnic map of the Ottoman Empire (Balkans), mid 19th century
Neo-Babylonian Empire, at it's territorial zenith
Iran, Sassanid Empire, 5th Century AD
A very specific part of the Old World roughly on 35˚ (longitude) where most of the relevant world civilizations emerged
Balkans in the late 14th century
How Slavs and Muslims broke Byzantium in the 7th century
People's Crusade, 1096AD
Old World (Europe, Africa, Middle East and India) 769AD
Lands of the Balkans, 1085AD
Balkans during World War II, with partisan liberated territory
Two earthquakes shook the balkans last night
Map of the Byzantine Empire and the surrounding regions, circa 1045 AD
Interesting alternative or archaic names for modern countries
Brief overview of Turkey-Iran border changes
10th century in the Balkans | Bulgarian Empire
The Six Day War, Movements of the Israeli divisions, counterattack on Sinai, 1967
India, mid 5th century (Peak of the Gupta Empire under Kumaragupta I)
Historically important states based in the Balkans {GIF}
Iberian peninsula, 1066AD - Beginning of the Reconquista
Alternate outcome of the Crusades
Tribes of Montenegro
Map of Turco-Persian states
Middle East in AD1125, after the Crusade and just before the Mongol rape train
A tribute to the Greek people, Greek War of Independence (1821–1829)
Linguistic map of Montenegro, overlaid with the borders of Old Montenegro
Europe in 1912
Kingdom of YUGOSLAVIA, provinces
Kingdom of YUGOSLAVIA, oblasts
Territory of Montenegro according to Treaty of San Stefano and Treaty of Berlin (1878)
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