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ISIS at its territorial peak.
Pakistan Population Density: Gives you idea where Pakistanis live.
Far East night from sky.
Chola Dynasty (South Indian) at its territorial Peak (in 1030). Why did south India not become a separate nation despite being culturally, linguistically and historically different from North India?
World Mega Cities: Simple Map showing Locations of 38 Mega Cities
What is the difference between a State and Province within British Raj?
Fertile Plains of Divided Land: Pakistan and India depend on Punjab.
1853 Map of Asia: If Europe is considered a separate continent, then why isn't South Asia considered one?
Punjab at its territorial Peak (Sikh Empire, 1800)
How will you name each of the following? <Akhand>
Urban growth of a Mega City over 33 years: Lahore. Why did Lahore become regionally significant (even before Pakistan)?
What is the economic consequences on Pakistan if Pakistan loses Kashmir? Considering divergent canals and dams could be built on rivers which all flow towards Pakistan.
Pakistan at its territorial Peak (when Jinnah was Governor General,1947)
Updated: Population Density of Pakistan: Why is Baluchistan and Gilgit-Baltistan least populated?
General Empire Regions of India: Why did the South always had long and stable periods than the North?
Religion in Pakistan: How would Pakistan be if it had a sizable Sikh Population, if Sikhs joined Muslims instead of Hindus? Would we see lower radicalization since there would Punjab would not be religiously homogeneous?
(Historic/Controversial) Military Invasion of India into Hyderabad State (Independent), dubbed "Police Action" Began in September 1948. Why was Hyderabad Not recognized?
How different could history of world be if there was no Thar desert (Rajhstan)?
8th Century: Growing Islamic influence in societies vs Islamic Political Power.
Pre-Partition Punjab- Muslim, Sikh and Hindu cities. Discussion on Partition . Is Sikhism a blend of Islam and regional faiths? Look up on google earth for the perspective.
(Controversial) Separatists groups within India Mapped: Please note that India has highest rate of terrorist Activities (Sources Mentioned).
Baloch Separatist, Kalat (Princely State) called for Independence in 1947, it later became part of Pakistan. Separatists movement resurged.
A map of a piece of the northern areas of Pakistan.
1960: Map of Pakistan, with East Pakistan and Junagardh (Before Bangladesh). Why did Bangladesh gain independence?
Etymological Map: Need Suggestions for Improvement, (Distortion in Kashmir). Are the English words: stand and stance related to the suffix "-stan".
Map Showing Pakistan and its neighbours. Why is Afghanistan so unlit?
Rivers and urban settlements of South Asia
Mapping the conflict: Is Kashmir issue more of a Water dispute than religions-territorial dispute?
Baloch Separatist Movement Mapped Why did the Separatists in Baluchistan Claiming to 'Carve out a Country' of Baloch Ethnicity, while they do not include Balochis of Afghanistan and Iran? Why do they also include areas that are not ethnically baloch?
What does the colours show?
Different Islamic Prophetic lineage ranges (Theoretical Map): Muslims believe that Allah sent Messages to different nations through different lineages of Prophets, The Quran only mentions the Abrahamic Prophet lineage.
My travel Map, travel Plan.
What would this map show
Pakistan: Why has Pakistan large population living in Punjab region?
Indo-Gangatic Plain the Hindustan: Etymologically people living in Pakistani are the real Indians. No?
Counties where Edhi Foundation has operated. Why did he migrate to Pakistan?
World known to a common Pakistani without interest in geography, history or geopolitics.
To what extent is this plausible? same color represent some from of mutual understanding or alliance of any degree.
Projection of Islam in future: Phases of growth. To what extent the map is accurate?
Map-porn: What do you thin of this? (Learnt a lot in these 2 years of Google earth)
How and why each of these nations acquire Nuclear weapons?
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography