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US 2016 Presidential Election Turnout of Total Eligible Voters
US Counties 10% or more Native American
Largest Native American Tribal Group by County, 2010
Oklahoma Medical Marijuana vote results by county
Native American Governments of Oklahoma
Topographic map of the US state of Oklahoma
U.S. Racial Diversity by County
Dark orange Indian states = 343 million people; dark green Chinese provinces = 310 million; contiguous U.S. = 324 million
Precinct Cartogram of US 2016 Presidential Election
Percentage of Native American population in Oklahoma by Census Block
British Isles explained
Oklahoma Counties by Voter Registration, January 2018
OKC region 2018 Gubernatorial election results by precinct
Majority of the Lower House of State Legislatures + DC Council
Oklahoma City region 2016 Presidential election results by precinct
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