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1942 US Army "Maps are Weapons"
1638 "Polus Antarcticus"
1619 map of South America
A Plan of the Town of Boston and its Environs, 1776
1870 bird’s-eye view of Salt Lake City
New Chart of America Showing the Tracks of Steam Vessels (1872)
The 1491 Martellus map
The World According to Ronald Reagan
17th century London
"The Most Inhabited Part of New England", 1755
A map of the West Indies and of the Mexican-Gulph (1806)
Bird's Eye View of San Francisco - 1878 Currier & Ives
Boston with Charlestown and Roxbury - 1842
Chart of the Northern Passage Between Asia & America, 1816
The first chart of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, Atlantic Neptune, 1776/1781
1759 Plan of the Town and Fortification of Montreal
Captain Cook Round the World
Florida, 1696
1768 map of the Gulf Stream by Benjamin Franklin
1872 map of the "supposed" Northwest Passage by U.S. Naval officer Silas Bent
1752 Map of Philadelphia by Nicholas Scull
1996 Timothy Edward Downs map for navigating the Web
“Europe’s Future Map” helps sell Liberty Bonds
Unrecorded edition of the Henry Tanner map of North America, 1845
1932 map of Travis County TX (Houston)
Bernard Romans 1780 “Chorographical Map of the Northern Department of North America”
1935 whaling map by Charles Haskins Townsend
Mayday Targets, large map detailing plans to shut down Washington DC in 1971
Operations of General Washington against the King's Troops in New Jersey
1799 map of the Gulf Stream (Atlantic/Western Ocean)
H.F. Walling’s 1850 Newport County, Rhode Island
The Man of Commerce (1889)
Franklin Leavitt map of the White Mountains, 1882
Timothy Edward Downs maps the Internet in 1994
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