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1450 Map of the World by Venetian monk Fra Mauro. The map depicts Asia, Africa and Europe
1853 Japanese World Map
Ottoman Empire map of the United States (1803)
Moral And Political Chart Of The World [1827]
Biodiversity in contiguous United States
Map of the world without water, 1694
Exaggerated relief map of Great Britain and Ireland
The United States redrawn as fifty states with equal population
Composite railroad map of Europe (1863)
State Borders - xkcd
Exaggerated relief map of Chukotka, Alaska and the Bering Strait
Japan and Korea at night
1947 Map of the World showing the work of Man and the Treasures and Commodities of the Earth
Countries and states that look like other countries and states
1856 ethnographic map of Great Britain and Ireland
1855 Ethnographic Map of the Austrian Empire
Canada Mapped by Roads, Streets, Highways and Trails
Map of the Kingdom of Prussia, 1799
Ottoman map of Africa (1803)
Physical Map of Europe from Harper's school geography (1875) - with an inset of Ohio
The Map That Changed The World. William Smith’s 1815 Geological Map of England and Wales
Japanese Pictorial World Map (1932)
1862 Japanese Map of Australia
1811 - The World during the Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte (published 1830)
United States of America 1822
Highway Network Map of the United States (1926)
British map with the proposed divisions of France after the revolution (1793)
Map showing in five degrees of density the distribution of woodland within the territory of the United States (1873)
Main ethnic [language] groups in Europe (1899)
1561 map of the world
1928 Soviet Union pictorial zoogeographic map
Ethnographical map showing the distribution of the human race (1851)
Number of US counties from the Atlantic or Pacific Coasts
1890s map of distribution of Catholics and Protestants in the German Reich
10c Louisiana Purchase Map : the first U.S. stamp to commemorate a territory and depict a map (1904)
Nobody lives here : places of the United States where there is no human population
Topography of Europe (1907)
Cairo, Egypt in the 16th century - by Ottoman cartographer Piri Reis
German caricature map of Europe on the brink of World War 1
1857 map of the United States, Mexico, Central America and northern South America
Extermination of the American Bison (1889)
Exaggerated relief map of New Guinea and northeast Australia
Early 20th-century Japanese military map depicting the area around Pyongyang, North Korea
The Commonwealth of Nations or, The British Empire - prepared to celebrate the coronation of King George VI in May 1937
Night lights of Korea
1814 Arrowsmith Map of South America
Japanese Military Map of the Pacific Area (1941) - with an inset of Europe
Forest Cover Map of the United States
A Great Industry : Where Our Tea Comes From (1937) / by MacDonald Gill
This French propaganda poster from 1917 commissioned a map which portrayed Prussia as an octopus stretching out its tentacles vying for control and it is captioned with an 18th century quote: "Even in 1788, Mirabeau was saying that War is the National Industry of Prussia."
Ottoman Map of the World (1803)
The World split into 10 sections, each section containing 10% of the worlds population
Exaggerated relief map of Western Europe
2% of Australia's population lives in the yellow area
River Systems of the United States (1870)
Australian Map of the World
Map of Europe drawn from its 1.35 million rivers & streams
1595 map of Africa
Ottoman map of the Arabian Peninsula 1732
Ottoman map of Australia (1894)
1814 Map of Lewis and Clark's Track, across the Western Portion of North America
Tree Cover Map of the World
1796 Map of Europe
The Unique Map Of California (1885)
Physical Wall Map of Africa (1900)
Comparative size of Iceland and Ireland
1154 world map by Moroccan cartographer al-Idrisi for King Roger of Sicily
Korean world map centered on the legendary Mount Meru in Central Asia - mid 4th century
Mercator's 1595 map of the Arctic
James Cook's map of New Zealand - One of the most important maps in New Zealand's history and the first complete map of the two island's coastlines. Made during Cook's first voyage it shows the track of the Endeavour with dates
A new and correct map of the whole world (1719) : shewing ye situation of its principal parts. Viz the Seas, Kingdoms, Rivers, Capes, Ports, Mountains, Woods, Trade-Winds, Monsoons, Variation of ye Compass, Climats, &c. / by Herman Moll
"The Inlander" Map of Australia (1922)
1504 Ostrich Egg Globe - Made on the lower halves of two ostrich eggs, this is the oldest known depiction of the Americas on a globe
Eight minimalist maps
Exaggerated Relief Map of Central and Eastern Europe by Anton Balazh
Exaggerated Relief Map of Japan, Korea, northern China and the Russian Far East
1593 world map drawn as two hemispheres on north and south polar projection
Henri Abraham Chatelain's "very curious map" (1719). Focussing on the Americas, it extends to the entire Pacific and all of the Atlantic
The Black Sea - by Nicolas Sanson, mid-1600s
Great Britain and Ireland (1654) - Ptolemy's 1st European Map: - Old Great Britain from Blaeu's Atlas of Scotland from 1654
Half the population of Australia live in the blue areas
Exaggerated relief map of Indochina
1853 panoramic view of Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, looking from the Alps
Japanese map of Africa, 1869
1623 Septentrionalium Terrarum descriptio. A map of the North Pole
La Louisiane (French North America) 1719
1513 map of Lorraine (Lotharingia) printed in 3 colours (black, red, and brown). This was the first printed of that Duchy and is considered the earliest known specimen of printing in colours
Map of China including Japan as well as the Ile Corea - 1626
The Inner West of London, 1900 : streets coloured according to social conditions
Anglo-Saxon World Map, dated around AD 1000. Ceylon is at the top, Britain at lower left
A haunting image of the ghost border in Poland, the results of the 2010 Parliamentary election compared with the borders of the German Empire
Ethnographic map of eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and western Persia - published 1910
Separated at birth : South America and Africa with switched borders
River Basins of the United States in Rainbow Colours
The Passenger Railways of Australia (and some ferry services too)
River Basins of Africa in Rainbow Colours
1610 Ireland
1932 National Geographic Magazine Map of the World
1895 map of Madagascar
What is across the ocean in the Asia-Pacific region?
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