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The Biggest Non-Government Employer in Each State
Where Each State's Most Foreign Goods Come From
Each County that Ronald Reagan Won More Than 50% of the Vote in 1984
Photosynthesis of the US corn crop. At the peak of the growing season it produces more oxygen than the Amazon Rain Forest
If the Richest Person in Each State Gave Everyone an Equal Share of their Fortune
What Does Each Country Export the Most to the USA?
Percent of Population with German Ancestry by Congressional District
Where are US Troops in the World?
Approval Rating of Each Governor
Average Year That Homes Were Built
Net Worth of the Richest Person in Each State
Political Ideology of Each US House Representative
Each Nation's Leader's Age in Relation to That Nation's Life Expectancy
Percent of People in Each Congressional District Who Have Polish Ancestry
Percent of Population with Irish Ancestry by Congressional Districts
Counties Away From the Geographic Center of the Lower 48
Most Instagrammed Places in 2016
Trade Balance in USD
Senate Seats Up for Re-Election in 2018
Which Continent Each Country Exports the Most to
Top 5 Importers of American Goods in the Americas in 2016 in USD
Age of the Leader of Each Country
Number of Subscribers in Each State's Subreddit per 100,000 people
Total Military Aircraft Strength
Number of Followers each Congressman has on Twitter
Percent of Population that are Cubans in Each Congressional District
Aliens Apprehended By Country Of Nationality in America in 2015
Change in Total Fertility Rate from 2007 - 2015
Biggest Export as Percent of Total Exports
Percent of each Countries' Exports that come from the USA
Gravity Anomaly Model of the Earth
Magnetic Declination of the USA
Biggest African Importers of European Goods in 2000
Population Density of Cattle per Square Mile
The Year That Each Congressman Assumed Office
Median House Value in Dollars
Distance to Biggest Export Partner
Youngest Member of Congress in Each State
Total Exports in USD
Percent of Population in the Armed Forces
My First Map for Cartography Class: Number of Mule Deer Harvested in Nebraska
Top 10 Importers of American Horses in 2016 in USD
5 Biggest Importers of Fresh or Chilled American Lamb Carcasses in 2016
Birth/Death Ratio From April 1st, 2010 to July 1st, 2016
Percent of Women Who Are Widowed by Congressional District
Top 10 Importers of United States Shaving Products in USD in 2016
Oldest Member of Congress in Each State
Closest Country by Fertility Rate for Each State
United States Peace Index
Average Travel Time to Work (min) with the Top 5 Cities in Each State
Total Number of Naval Ships
Biggest Animal/Animal Product Export to the USA
Number of Homes in Colorado That Use Wood for Heat
Percent of Population 16 Years or Older Employed in the Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, and Mining Industry
USDA Census Districts (check comments for more0
Album of the First Song Suggestion on Apple Music for Each State Name
Percent of the United States' European Exports to each Country
Top Importers of Italian Vending Machines in 2016
Places in Texas that George Strait has exes
Place in Texas that George Strait has exes
best photos you will ever see
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boat parts and history
marine life photography