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Countries whose capital is not their largest city
The red area has 2/3 of Suriname's population
Ethnic Russians in the Russian Federation
Etymologies of the Russian regions
Population density in Russia
Uzbekistan split in half by population
Number of abandoned villages in Russia
Contiguous United States over Europe
Second largest ethnic groups in Russia
Passport strength by country
Migration to and from California
Brazilian states by population density
Grocery stores vs. bars per capita in the US
Native Americans in the United States
Knowledge of Russian in the EU
European countries by Human Development Index
Russian cities with over 500,000 people
Uninhabited land in Brazil
The unusually lax visa policy of Ecuador
Native speakers of Belarusian in Belarus
Atheism in Russia
Ethnic Russians in Russia by region
The true size of every country in the world
Russian cities larger than 100.000
A plan of my hometown of Gdov from 1778
Russian federal entities flag map
Press Freedom Index
National subreddits by number of subscribers
Countries that have a smaller population than Greater Tokyo
Population density in Europe
Middle Eastern countries by Human Development Index
MapPorn IRL: the grave of Ildefons Cerdà who designed this district in Barcelona
Quality of life in regions of Russia
Population of the Russian Far East
Number of divorces per 1000 marriages in Russia
Countries Iraqi citizens can travel to visa-free
Russian military bases abroad
Ethnic Kalmyks in Kalmykia
Average price of a two-bedroom apartment in Russia
Largest ethnic groups in the Middle Volga area, Russia
Countries with a smaller population than Moscow
Visa requirements for Russian citizens
Animism, Paganism and Shamanism in Russia
Non-Russians in Russia
Average population of rural settlements in Russia
Russian villages per 100 sq. km
Second biggest ethnicity in each district of Kyrgyzstan
Rural population in Russia by region
Kazakhs in Russia by region
Forest area as percent of total land in Russia
Altai people in the Altai Republic
Regions of Russia by GDP per capita
Urban population in Russia
Ethnic Kyrgyz population in Kyrgyzstan
Russian regions by murder rate
Climate zones of Russia
Ex-USSR countries by HDI
Noghay people in the Russian South
Autonomous regions of Russia by language families
Number of McDonald's in Russia
Average domestic airline itinerary fares by region of origin in Russia
European population in Kazakhstan
Ethnic Russians in Russia
Skobars in Pskov Oblast
Population density in Russia
Median income in Russia
Regions of Russia by Human Development Index
Regions of Russia by GDP per capita
Russian regions by murder rate
Visa policy of Kyrgyzstan
Toponymy never gets old
Yet another Chile post: it's just as long as the distance between NYC and San Francisco!
The largest religions of Russia by region
Regions of Russia by population
UN vote about the territorial integrity of Ukraine (2014)
Russia split in half by population
Grammatical gender of country names in Russian
Origin of Russian region names
The red area has over 97% of Tajikistan's population
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boat parts and history
marine life photography