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Countries where Head of State is of German ancestry
European countries where Jews were allowed to exist in 1500
Largest German Cities in 1600
Percentage of male European population dying before the age of 65
"Success in life is determined by forces outside our control" - Percentage who agree
Military Spending in 1939's Europe
Life expectancy gender gap
European GDP growth between 2006 and 2016
Percentage of employed population in European countries who report having depression
Fatalities caused by Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe
Italian regions and cities under Communist rule
World leader that population has most confidence in
Countries where Infidelity is (or isn't) frowned upon
Largest branch of Christianity in African countries
Economic models of Europe
Legality of Consensual Sex between Siblings in Europe
Number of witch trial deaths in Western countries between 1300 and 1800
Partition of Czechia in October 1938
"Why do people live in need?" - Most important answer in European countries
Legality of male homosexuality in 1914's Europe
Change in suicide rates in selected OECD countries between 2000 and 2011
Researchers per million people
Countries by Top Income Tax Rate
Language branch of most popular male baby name in European countries
New business registrations in Europe
World countries with budget deficit or surplus
Percentage of Europeans very interested in Politics
Japanese diaspora
Abortion rate in countries where abortion is fully legal
Percentage of Muslim population who don't pray five times a day
Percentage who feel secure in their neighbourhood
Countries by height of tallest building
Percentage who think wife-beating is never justifiable
Primary source of alcohol (beer, wine, spirits, other)
Percentage of Europeans having a job
Percentage of Christians in Middle East and North Africa
Number of 4th / 5th generation fighter jets in European countries
Changes in Fertility Rate between 2005 and 2015 in European countries
"Marriage is outdated" - Percentage of Europeans who agree
Percentage of Europeans in favour of Revolution
"There are too many immigrants in this country" - Percentage of Europeans who disagree
European Countries by Average Low Temperature in Coldest Month of Year
Public debt in 2022 - IMF estimate
German Cities with Streets named after Karl Marx
Confidence in Vladimir Putin to do the right thing regarding world affairs
Unemployment rate of foreign-born population in selected OECD countries
Number of active Communist parties by country
Muslim share of population in large English towns
Countries' choice between environment and economy/jobs
GDP growth in European countries between 1970 and 1990
How the EU is viewed around the world in 2017
"Work is very important" - Percentage who agree
2016 US Presidential vote of people with postgraduate degree
German cities and regions with female majority among population aged 20-29
Changes in Life Expectancy in Post-Communist Europe between 1990 and 1995
Percentage of Europeans aged 55 to 64 in employment
Acceptance of Syrian refugees in selected Eastern European countries (2016)
Railway route kilometres per 100.000 inhabitants
Industrial robot density in selected countries in 2016
Population under 15 years of age by continent
Wage increases in Europe between 1993 and 2016
Metro Systems in Europe
Number of Protestants by country
Percentage of people who would fight for their country
2016 US Presidential vote of people aged 18-29
Brewery Density in Bavaria
Belief in Hell by country
Jewish Communities in 19th century Franconia
Non-immigrant pupils' performance in PISA study 2015
German Cities and Districts with Highest GDP per capita
Share of Agricultural Sector in European Countries
Percentage of very happy people in selected countries
Vote share of "Die Linke" (The Left) in Southern Germany (2017 Federal election)
Male part-time employment rate in Europe
Percentage of Women against Equal Pay in selected countries
Pan-arabic countries in 1958
Percentage of graduates in fields information or communication technology
Regional distribution of denominations in Bavaria
Child benefits in EU + EFTA
Percentage of Antisemites among Europeans aged 18 to 34
Number of refugees who have fled from European countries
Life expectancy gender gap in US states
Satisfaction with household financial situation
Countries by gross fixed investment
Percentage who have relatives or friends they can always count on for help
Countries ranked by ease of enforcing business contracts
Part-time employment rate in selected countries
2016 US Presidential vote of people earning more than 100.000 $
Percentage of German employees in management positions
Population under 15
Countries where Obedience is considered important quality in children
Countries' attitudes towards competition
Vote share of left-wing parties in Germany's 2017 parliamentary elections
Performance of Pro-Russian parties in Germany's state elections
Left-right ranking of major ruling party in EU countries
Percentage of Muslim population that pray at least five times a day
Absolute Population under 15 of World Countries today
Peoples' estimates of Muslim population share in selected countries
Unusually low Ages of Consent, past and present
Countries where people have stopped having kids because of Gays
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