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At peak point German and Japanese forces were 4791 km away from each other
Countries that executed people in last 12 months
Registered fiearms per 100 people in Europe
Road distances order in Europe
Where deaf people can drive. Blue=legal, pink=illegal
Six ways to divide Vatican
Countries without compulsory schooling
Mandatory vaccination in Europe
Average corporate tax rate by continent
You can now travel from West to East coast via states with expanded Medicaid
You CANNOT connect Mexico and Canada using rectangular counties
U.S. jurisdictions that ban height discrimination
Countries where police officers don't carry firearms
Where you can legally sell your kidney
Pepper spray legality in Europe
Fun fact: France once had access to Baltic Sea
Possession of firearms by jurisdiction. Source: Wikipedia
Polygamous heads of states
Countries that are still at war with Israel
A map of Poland, featuring faces of the voievodes of Polish voivodeships
Religiosity and teen births - different patterns in Poland and United States
Where you don't need permit to purchase firearms
European countries that announced neutrality during World War II
How many of spouses must be present at wedding for marriage to be valid
Territories ever controlled by Iraq
States never visited by Donald Trump during his campaign and presidency
Mascots of police commands in Poland by voivedoship
States which allow fishing with bare hands (in red)
Percentage of pregnancies aborted by country
Countries with constitutional ban on death penalty
Law regarding incest between consenting adults
Abortion rate by state (2014)
Hunters per 1,000 people in Europe
Views about abortion by state (2014)
Proportion of Households with Firearms
Date of abolition of legal slavery by country
Where you can download YT videos without YouTube premium
(OC) Current military situation in Central African Republic
Countries without direct elections at national level
Religion of heads of states
Which state require life-support for brain-dead pregnant women
Legal gender change requirements in Europe
Legal systems of the world, 1929
Human Development Index of the world's countries compared to the United States
US counties where school shootings took place
Map of battle of Verdun (1916) looks like map of battle of Mosul (2016)
Line that crosses every country in the world
Pro-choice v pro-life governors in US
Which states require marriage license applicants to state their race
How Argentinian senators voted on bill legalizing abortion
Where you need permit to wear bulletproof vest
Telecommunication standard by country
Which countries allow sterilization on request
US states that recognize the Armenian Genocide
Nominal corporate tax rate in Europe
Countries with single-payer free healthcare
Top inheritance/estate tax rates around the world
Neo-Nazi organizations in Europe
Judicial review of law by country
People killed by police by country
Which countries ban fake news
Countries where only black people can vote
Suicide tourism to Switzerland
Jewish population in Middle East countries (except Israel)
Current military situation in Mali
Where life imprisonment is used as penalty
Canadian provinces where Poland can enforce your child support
Mass shootings in 2019
Countries by death rate per 1,000
Polish voivodeships where woman can obtain legal abortion
When U.S. states introduced compulsory education
Concealed carry by jurisdiction
First pillar of pension system by country
Heartbeat bills in United States
Countries with constitutional protection of unborn life
Vaccination exemptions in US
States that legalized hemp in some way (purple)
Which states require blood test for marriage license
Concealed carry permits by state, 2019
Legal status of feticide in the United States by state
International recognition of South Sudan
In 1914 Great Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal and Netherlands bordered each other
Pornography and prostitution by country: comparison
Civil and religious marriage by country
Which countries were created legally
Transgender athlets policy by state
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography