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The American Empire at its peak in 1902
This National Geographic map of North America is simply majestic
Swedish Empire at its territorial peak in 1654
Portuguese Empire at its territorial peak in 1801
Danish Empire at its territorial peak in 1755
Dutch Empire at its territorial peak in 1938
North America density map, showing the US-Canada east-west divide
Countries if they moved to North America by geographic size
British America at its territorial peak
Washington DC and surrounding region has the worst traffic in the United States according to studies, here's today, the traffic extends for 60 miles (100 km)
Italian Empire at its territorial peak in 1914
Property Taxes by State
Tennessee-Alabama-Georgia border tri-point
Traffic today in the Northeast Megalopolis due to the snowstorm
North America at night from space, Canada appears to be more spread out than I figured
Austria-Hungary at its territorial peak in 1902
New York City now has ferries as another public transportation option
Dallas Transit (DART)
Regions of New York state
An Old Map of New York State
A map of the US for my homies in North Korea
What does your state do best and how does it impact energy policy?
Michigan just keeps on growing
Map of US border states
I like how the US is split half and half between desert and forest
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography