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Languages of the Byzantine Empire, 580 AD
Ethnolinguistic groups in Europe, Today
All the places in Europe that Italy once controlled
Italian native speakers by country
Religion in the European Union
Percentage of Catholics in the USA and Canada, 2011 and 2013
Enslaved population of the Southern States of the USA, 1860 Census
Map of Italy recreated in Minecraft, 1:250 scale
Religions in the United Kingdom
Christians in the Middle East: Distribution in 2014
Religion map of Europe
Catholics in Indochina, by diocese
Catholics in Europe
The distribution of the languages in Northeastern Italy
Percentage of the population who believes in God in Europe, 2015-2017
Percentage of Households that speak primarily Italian in New York in 2013
1845-1847 Map of London by Joseph Scheda
Languages in Central Europe, 1904
Religions in Canada
Italian as mother tongue in East North Central and Northeast regions, 1940 Census
Ethnolinguistic map of Europe, 1929
Administrative divisions of the Republic of Venice in 1796
Ethnic map of Austria-Hungary and Romania, 1892
Prevalence of Mother Tongues in Europe
Christian denominations in the Netherlands, 2014
Italian Empire at its maximum extent
Countries in Europe that have at least one municipality with an Hungarian-speaking majority or plurality
Italian language in Italy and Istria, by municipality
Ethnic map of Central Europe and Northern Balkans, 1989-1992
Ethnic Map of Transylvania, 1910
Religion in the Netherlands, by municipality
Percentage of the population who attends the religious services at least once a month, Europe 2015-2018
Islam in France by department
Number of continents european countries cover
The distribution of the languages in Northeastern Italy
Catholics in the Netherlands by municipality
1845-1847 Map of Rome by Joseph Scheda
Number of Italian speakers in the United States (2010)
Percentage of the population who is Muslim in Europe
Detailed map of the religious denominations in Germany by district, 2011
Distribution of the Walser German minority in northwestern Italy, 2001
Very Detailed Linguistic Map of Europe
Percentage of people who approve the single currency (Euro), 2019 Eurobarometer
Catholic-Protestant divide in the Netherlands, 2014
French-speaking population in Louisiana, 1910 and 2015
Pollution level in China before and after the coronavirus outbreak
Ethnic map of Austria-Hungary at the 1880 Census
Italian Americans by county, 2013-2017 American Community Survey
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