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States that aren't producing enough housing to keep up with demand
Washington State Eco-Regions (from the Washington Department of Transportation as a guide for roadside plants)
The Hawaiian Islands
Los Angeles County city and community boundaries (Anyone know where to find something similar for all of California?)
Correlation between emissions from shipping lanes and density of lightning occurrence
'Ease of Doing Business' in 2017 according to the World Bank (green is easier, red is harder)
The US lower 48 and China side-by-side Comparison of Population Density
The Alaska Marine Highway serving communities along the coast (many inaccessible by road)
Vintage map of 'Great Britain and Her Natural and Industrial Resources' (1942)
This simulation of atmospheric particles shows smoke (white) from the Pacific Northwest forest fires, sea salt (blue) forming around hurricanes Harvey and Irma and dust (tan) blowing off the Sahara in 2017 (FULL VIDEO IN THE COMMENTS)
Danger Presented by Wyoming
Relief map of Colorado
San Francisco Median Rental Price per Bedroom (Interactive Version in the Comments)
Number of Jews in communities within the Pale of Settlement (1897)
San Francisco Human Feces
Birdseye Map of Seattle (1925)
2-bedroom Median Asking Rents in the LA Area (Interactive Map in the Comments)
Lava Hazard Zones on the Big Island of Hawaii (Zone 1 is the most hazardous)
Major Volcanoes of Guatemala
Isochronic distances from London in 1914
Major universities and the concentration of venture capital investment near them
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography