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Plan of the City of New York, c1776
Bootlegger's Map of the United States, 1926
Map of North America , 1720
Fool's Cap Map of the World, c1580
Ptolemy's World Map - 1482
Africae Nova Descriptio, c1635
Map of the world showing the extent of the British Empire, 1886
City plan of Batavia, 1669
Mappe Monde, 1755
Map of the arrival of the English in Virginia, c. 1585
Sea Chart of the Atlantic, printed on vellum. c1695
Map of the World by Sylvanus, 1511
A Chart of the Great Western Ocean with the Coast of Europe, Africa and America, 1728
Guinea, c1640
Tabula Nova Partis Africae, 1541
Bird's Eye View of Chicago, 1857
Diversi Globi Terr-Aquei, 1730
Guinea, c. 1642
Regio Canaan Seu Terra Promissionis Postea Iudea Vel Palestina Nominata Hodie Terra Sancta Vocata, 1728
Africae Described, 1626
Panoramic view of Sydney, c1824
Tabula Terre Nove , c.1513
Accuratissima Brasiliae Tabula
A New and Exact Map of the Dominions of the King of Great Britain on ye Continent of North America , 1726
A Map of the City of Philadelphia Showing the Location of The Volunteer Fire Companies, 1938
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