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Maps showing how fast could you travel across the U.S. in the 1800s
This is a Kugel Ball. This one is a perfectly balanced globe of granite and weighs over 2268 kilos (5000lbs) The 1.5 horsepower pump under it pumps enough water to support the sphere and allow it to rotate freely. A small child can change the sphere's rotation with little effort.
19th Century naturalist and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace included this map in his 1869 book 'The Malay Archipelago', comparing the size of the British Isles with that of Borneo to give them an idea of the vastness of the place
An unusual and quite extraordinary view of famous Piccadilly Circus' Underground station in London - Made by Renzo Picasso in 1929
Map of North American and European cities transposed onto the opposite continent at the same latitude
France - When you meet a friend, how many times do you kiss?
United Swing States of America
The First Color Photomosaic of the 48 Contiguous United States, 1976. - Produced by the National Geographic Society from 569 seperate and virtually cloudless views provided by NASA's LANDSAT Imagery
The Ungoverned World in 2015
Map showing the relative size of each of the United States if based on Electrical energy sold for light and power in 1921
The Great Polish Map of Scotland
Aesthetically pleasing Map of Europe made by Rand McNally in 1939
Peak viewing times for fall colors across the United States
“Population Lines” by Dr James Cheshire. Showing population by latitude.
Fall Colors - Peak viewing times across the contiguous United States
The Gingery projection. "Cram's air age. US centric world", est. 1943
Turkey at the Crossroads, published in Time Magazine, Dec. 20 1943
A foldable, portable globe from 1852. Made by John Betts
Habitability map of Australia, 1946
A combined view of the principal mountains & rivers in the world, 1849
This map of Hokkaido was smuggled out of Japan by a German doctor during the Edo period –Japan prohibited foreign travel and trade and traffic with almost all countries at the time– The official who gave him the maps was executed and more than 50 people were punished for the incident
Map of the United States as the Californians saw it in 1947
Buildings in Amsterdam, shaded according to year of construction.
Alaska, how big is it anyway?
Map of Aboriginal languages in Australia made by David R Horton. The Aboriginal Language Map attempts to represent all of the language or tribal or nation groups of Indigenous people of Australia. It indicates general locations of larger groupings of people.
Paper cut leaf map of Amsterdam (by u/nilsrva)
Søren Poulsen, a Danish farmer single-handedly built his own version of the world. Completed in 1969, Verdenskortet ("The World Map") is the main tourist draw in Klejtrup, Denmark
The New Portrait of our Planet, published in LIFE magazine in 1960. "LIFE made up these unique maps which reveal for the first time how the ocean floors would look if the water and ice were suddenly removed."
The first Buddhist world map printed in Japan and the prototype for all subsequent Buddhist world maps printed in Japan until the late nineteenth century
The Five Types of Territorial Morphology
Aerial Photo of New York City with Rail Lines Superimposed
The World as the New Yorkers saw it around 1970
Two Worlds, published in Time Magazine, January 2, 1950
The Midwest - according to 100 maps published by the following organisations:
New York’s Pneumatic Tube Mail Network
I made this paper cut map of my hometown of Groningen, the Netherlands to decorate my coffee table
An accidental “word map” of South America, published by the Geographical Press in 1935. The map is supposed to show the labeled landforms of South America; this copy was erroneously printed without the landforms
A Micronesian navigational chart from the Marshall Islands, made of wood, sennit fiber and cowrie shells
English Proficiency in Europe
Map showing the netherness of the Netherlands by showing relief and depth. The terrain height varies from approximately −7 meter (−23 ft; below sea level, dark green) to approximately 322.7 meter (1,059 ft; above sea level, light green)
Animated, colour-coded map showing the various continents and regions. Depending on the convention and model, some continents may be consolidated or subdivided
1866 U.S. Coast Survey Nautical Chart of Map of New York City and Harbor
Alaskan hamburger with a squirt of Hawaiian ketchup - made by Ricky Linn
Newly Illuminated areas in India. Using NASA’s Visible Earth cartographer John Nelson shows how Night lights have changed from 2012 to 2016
Building height in Manhattan. A Traditional Chinese Shan Shui style map based on building height data for Manhattan Island, New York City. Made by by Shi Weili.
Earth’s poles of inaccessibility
Coastlines of the Earth - Myriahedral Projection
A pair of houses in Phoenix, AZ that are separated by almost 17 miles of road, despite being only 50 feet apart
Mimal the chef. Minnesota represents Mimal's hat, Iowa is his face, Missouri his shirt. His pants are represented by Arkansas, his boots by Louisiana. Tennessee and Kentucky are sometimes included as Mimal's frying pan and the chicken being cooked in the pan, thus making Mimal a cook.
Animated world ocean map, exhibiting the interconnected system of the world's oceans and their various divisions using an Azimuthal distance projection
Visualizing Urbanization: Beijing; Shanghai; Istanbul and Mexico-City
Population of Chinese provinces expressed in the population of similarly populated countries
Shows nuclear weapons facilities, nuclear power reactors, miscellaneous nuclear facilities, and nuclear targets
“What do you call the insect that flies around in the summer and has a rear section that glows in the dark?” - By Joshua Katz, NC State University.
Global war in the Pacific, to show progress and latest advances of the allies. Copyright 1944, the Pure Oil Company
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography