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Bird's-eye view map of Japan (1921)
Italian satirical map of Europe, 1870
The United States drawn up by roads
Sexual orientation laws in the world (2017)
The first month of the year all across Europe
Egypt drawn up by roads
Shifting place names in Africa
The Republic of Texas and the United States circa 1841, Paris
Hillshade map of Wales
Left and right-hand traffic around the world (2017)
North America (1833)
Coastlines of the ice age in Europe
Ukraine-Russia sea clash
Greece drawn up by roads
Marijuana (Cannabis): how one plant spread through the world
Ecological regions of North America
Pangea Ultima: the world in 250 million years
The Mafias in Italy
Jakub Marian's tree cover map of North America
Iceland (hardly) drawn up by roads
The Netherlands drawn up by roads
Mexican Empire at its greatest extent (1821)
Spread of the word for "tea"
World map of natural hazards
Mercantilist empire of the Spanish, 1650
Word for WINE in European languages
Spain to eat
Spanish Empire at its greatest extent (1790)
Most common automatic assault rifles around the world
Boundary treaty between Spain and the US (1819)
Australia drawn up by roads
Canada drawn up by roads
The administrative divison of the Roman Empire in AD 395
Old World trade routes c. 1490
Wolves in Europe
The Reconquista (722-1492)
Germany drawn up by roads
Spanish and Portuguese possessions all across the globe over the centuries
Hispanic America is a Mexican America (2012)
British map with the proposed divisions of France after the revolution (1793)
France drawn up by roads
Chinese stereotypical map of Europe
Gay marriage across the world (2019)
Six ways to divide British accents
World of rivers: a new mapping of every river system, by Natgeo
European language autonyms
The Roman Empire by National Geographic
Italy on the eve of the unification (1859)
The begin of the Reconquista (814-1139)
Spread of the word for "coffee"
Spanish settlements in North and Central America at the end of 1634
Brazil drawn up by roads
Friendly Korea world map
Hurricane tracks across the world
North America (upside down map)
Indian land cessions in the United States
Naming traditions across the world
Wild boar population density in Europe (2015)
Mediterranean Sea from Pergamon World Atlas (1967)
Which countries study which languages (Duolingo)
Norway and its regional stereotypes
Handmade gastronomic map of Portugal
Gulf of Mexico: a geography of offshore oil, by Natgeo (2010)
Multiracial marriages in the US (2010)
Europeans living abroad (2015)
Flags of the world
The Christianization of Europe and surrounding areas
The spread of wild boars in the United States (2012)
Y-DNA similarity between Turks and Europeans
Great Britain drawn up by roads
London's commuter footprint
Pictorial wildlife map of the United States
Linguistic map of the United States
The amphibious invasion of the United Kingdom that never happened
Largest immigrant groups in Spain (2018)
Spain's regional coats of arms
Suicides in the US (2014)
Japanese world map by Suido Nakajima (1853)
North America in 1826
Spread of the word for "sugar"
Transgender rights in Europe (2016)
Length of the summer break in Primary Education across Europe
The expansion of the Roman Empire to AD 117
Spread of the word for "honey" or "mead"
Spread of the word for "orange"
Words for "cool" all across the Spanish speaking countries.
Britons in the European Union
Western Europe wine arc
Map of Korea
Medicinal Plant Map of the United States of America (1932)
Highway route: Spain's great outer ring
Norway drawn up by roads
Japan drawn up by roads
Japanese aeronautical map of Australia (1943)
Mobilizing the U.S. Navy to the South China Sea
Linguistic map of Mexico
Bioclimatic map of the world
The coffee bean-growing belt
From China to Spain by train
Radioactive caesium (Cs137) from Chernobyl all across Europe
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography