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Kraków/Cracow in 17th century
The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms, Circa. 800
"The Great War"
Korean War 1950-1953
The Atenian Empire of The Delian League (478 - 431 BC)
Population of Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Voivodeships in 1790
The United States of America Territorial Expansion 1783-1898
The Roman Empire in 117 AD
The Neo-Babylonian Empire and it's neighbours, circa. 580 BCE
Range contraction maps for 25 large carnivores.
The Mongol Empire circa. 1260
Europe at the Death of Theodoric(AD 526)
Tiger's present and historic ranges
Expansion of France 1552-1798
Kingdom of France in 1477
Territory claimed by Spain and Portugal due to Treaties of Tordesillas and Zaragoza
British Isles Historic Counties
Slavic tribes from the 7th to 9th centuries in Europe
Ranges of Crocodilian Families
Map of Poland during rule of Casimir III "Great"
Interwar Europe in 1923
Holy Roman Empire in/from 1648
Maurya Empire Circa. 250 BCE
Map of Administrative Division made by Polish National Government in borders of pre-partitions Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Expansion of Frankish Empire
The Empire of David and Solomon circa. 100-925 B.C.
Religions in Europe in 1560
Map of The Habitats of Great White Sharks
Charlemagne's Frankish Empire, 771–814 andThe Holy Roman Empire, 936–1250
Map of US unified combatant command(UCC)
Map of The Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean in the 14th Century BC
Arabic-Speaking Population
Aerial view of Wrocław from 1562
Territorial changes during The Paraguyan War(War of the Triple Alliance) 1864-1870
Map of The Peloponnesian War 431-404 BC
First English Civil War
Parties to The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
The many Borders of Lithuania
North Atlanic Treaty Organization Members and Partners
Little Entente
Japan and Korea in 1945
Map of Japan circa. 1570
Italian Empire in 1939
Partitions of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Map of Kingdom of Israel and Kingdom of Judah in the 9th century BC
Cultures in Sicily, circa. 431 BC
French Empire extent from 1919 to 1939
Indigenous people of the North,Siberia and Far East of the Russain Federation
Borders of Ancient Egypt at various times
Map of the Fertile Crescent
Nicolaus Germanus's 1467 manuscript copy of Ptolemy's world map
Map of possessions of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth magnates
Map of Polish language frequency in Poland in 1931
Imperial Circles of the Holy Roman Empire in 1560
The Italian Wars (1494 -1538)
Physical Map of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
The Greek World during the Persian Wars, 500 - 479 BCE.
Italian Peninsula circa 400 BC.
The state of the Teutonic Order in 1260
The Roman Legions by the End of Theodosius Rule, Circa. 400 AD
War of 1812
Map of The Crusades, 1096-1204
Territory under the control of the Přemyslids, circa. 1301
Map of Central,Northern and Eastern Europe in second half of 17th century
Linguistic map of Czechoslovakia in 1930
Pre-War and Post-War borders in Northern America in 1775-1783
Map of the expansion of Aztec Empire, showing the areas conquered by the Aztec rulers
Baltic Tribes circa. 1200
Territorial Changes of Persia/Iran in the 19th and the 20th Centuries.
Russo-Finish Border before WWII and after WWII
Dissolution of Austro-Hungary Empire
Treaty of Verdun (843)
Densities of Lions in Africa from 2012
Republic of China(ROC): Administrative Divisions & Territorial Disputes
Who Holds The World's Nuclear Weapons
Variants of Curzon Line based on map created during Tehran Conference in 1943
Expansion of Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 13th to 15th centuries.
Map of countries that are part of G20
Mycenaean Greece (1400-1100 BC)
Nuclear Explosions since 1945
Reconstruction of Gniezno from "Early Piast Poland" period
Soviet Union Administrative divisions in 1989
Rome&Carthage - The Punic Wars (264-201 BC)
US and Russia Arms Sales Race (2013)
Map of change of holdings/territories during The Hundred Years' War
Map of China during rule of Han Dynasty
Map of Hammurabi's Babylonian Empire circa 1750 BC
Voivodeships Coats of Arms of Second and Third Polish Republic by Samogost
Borders of Poland established by Testament of Bolesław III Wrymouth
Map of Confederate, Union and Border states
Member States of the Swabian Circle of the Holy Roman Empire
The Migration of Anatomically Modern Humans
The Unification of Italy, 1858 - 1870
The Levant: Ethnic Composition
Proposed Berlin to Bagdad Railway
Viking Scotland, 1104-1469
States in the area of the Carpathian Basin (1648-2009)
Map of Territorial Expansion of Achaemenid/Persian Empire
Map of Early Piast Poland during rule of Mieszko I
Religions in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1750
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