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Ukraine (1928)
Japan (1886)
World as described in the "Ravenna Cosmography", an anonymous work from the 8th century
Overland route to India, 1851
Train lines in the German Reich (1906)
Egypt, 1905
East Prussia (1938)
Germany (1906)
West and East Prussia (1896)
Mexico, 1896
Europe, 1895
British Post Office Radio-Telephone Services (1935)
Soviet Union (early 1940)
East Prussia (1927)
North America (1939)
Cyprus, 1573
Eastern Europe, European Soviet Union (1928)
Central and East Asia (1911)
Duchy of Warsaw (1810)
Rescue stations on the German coast
World War I poster with maps of the Balkans and Turkish Straits
Galicia and Bukovina (provinces of Austria-Hungary), 1900
Eastern Europe - physical map (1938)
Poland-Lithuania, 1793 (i.e. between the second and third, final, partition)
French Indochina (1902)
Switzerland, 1916
Territorial growth of Ancient Rome (1936)
Poland and the Baltic States (1933)
Poland (1936)
Australia and New Zealand (1941)
Central Africa - Congo Free State and its neighbors (1905)
Ancient Italy - Roman Republic (1936)
Europe (1928)
Destruction of Jerusalem (587 BC), as imagined in the medieval Nuremberg Chronicle
West Russia (1902)
Territories ceded by Czechoslovakia to Germany following the Munich Agreement (1938)
Canaan or the Promised Land, in times of Abraham (1752)
Europe (1912)
Spread of chess
East Germany - landmarks and industry (postcard)
West Russia (aka Poland, Belarus and Ukraine) - early XXth century
Island of Rodrigues (now part of Mauritius) in the Indian Ocean; Notice some Rodrigues solitaires - extinct birds that lived only there. 1708.
Flight routes in Europe (1938)
National anthems in Europe which mention other states or nations in their lyrics
Lands with German people and German culture (1920s propaganda map)
Middle East (1911)
Middle East (1911)
Races of the world and where they live (1944 map)
This ad for 2018 Dakar Rally shows Falkland Islands belonging to Argentina
Cental Europe, 1789
School map from People's Republic of Poland (1953)
Free City of Danzig (Interwar period postcard)
Europe, 1859
Western Sahara
Countries with sumo wrestlers who ever reached any of the 3 highest ranks of the sport
The bizarre borders of Grenzmark Posen-West Prussia, a province existing between 1922-1938 in the Free State of Prussia
2019 elections in Poland - support for the parties which crossed the 5% threshold (description in comments)
April 1940 map of the Baltic Sea region (early World War II territorial changes)
Prussia, 1896
Axis dominated Europe, as of April 1942 (Time Magazine map)
Europe, 1708
Native distribution of Aldrovanda, a carnivorous plant
“Belgians! Look at this map and reflect!” - Belgian irredentist propaganda poster (1919)
Bassoon (musical instrument) in European languages
World map from the recently unearthed Pokemon Gold/Silver 1997 "Spaceworld demo"
The Story Map of England (1936)
Jews in Germany, number per 1000 inhabitants (1890)
West German school map from 1955 (not acknowledging post-WWII territorial losses; plus some mistakes)
Russian aquisitions in Central Asia (1897 map)
Jan of Stobnica's map, an attempt to include the newly discovered Americas into Ptolemy's Geography (1512)
Demographics of interwar Poland (1937)
Map of the world (1936)
Countries and regions which confirmed participation in the Turkvision Song Contest taking place next month
Europe, 1743
Germany and Hungary (1939)
FIFA World Cup top goalscorers / Golden Boot winners
"New map of part of Africa", 1522
Indonesia (1886)
Elections in Germany (1898)
Warsaw Pact's Baltic Front (East Germany and Poland) plans in case of war with NATO (1970)
Africa, 1936
Baltic States (German map from World War II, post-Barbarossa)
The Travellers, a boardgame (1842)
Poland-Lithuania in 1771 (map from 1895)
West and East Slavs in the 10th century (Polish map from the 1930s)
Football league seasons cancelled due to World War II in Europe
The Story Map of Spain (1935)
World maps of Abu Ishaq al-Farisi al-Istakhri (c. 950) and from the Leipzig Codex (XIth century)
Monarchs of Poland (10th century - 1795) with a known or probable birthplace (on modern borders)
Europe (1933)
Taiwanese map showing Tannu Tuva as part of Mongolia instead of Russia
Free City of Danzig - Argentinian leaflet, 1939
World War II map of England issued for Polish airmen, with Polish phonetic spelling of English place names
Sweden, Norway and Denmark, 1841
Pomerania (1716)
Africa, 1852
Europe, with new boundaries as determined by the Peace Conference (1920)
The Story Map of the West Indies (1936)
Balkan Peninsula - South-Eastern Theatre of the War (1915)
Croatia and Bosnia (1912)
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