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Results of the German federal election 1912
For those that think Oktoberfest is super German: What is Bavaria?
You can fit the entirety of Luxembourg into Russia and still be able to drive around it
How to call slippers in German
The Luxembourgish bus network - 4000 stops and 342 buses, not counting the 163 municipal buses of the capital city. On average, 46 million passengers get transported a year.
Syrian refugees hosted by selected Middle Eastern countries as of 2015
School shootings in Europe since 2010
My personal classification of European regions, from a Luxembourgish point of view
Result of the 1912 Imperial elections in the German Reich
German towns with the Slavic endings -ow and -itz
Country Genders in German
"People" (as in: the plural of "person") in Luxembourgish regional dialects, 1963
Joining the latest trend: A topological map of Iceland
"Night" in Luxembourgish dialects, 1963
Luxembourg City in 1777 compared to 2019
A partition plan for Belgium that would actually make sense
So apparently there's both a Derry and a Londonderry in New Hampshire, next to each other.
Traces of the old Rhine riverbed near Mannheim, Germany
Percentage of people speaking Luxembourgish by county in Luxembourg (2011)
The difference proportional representation makes versus first-past-the-post: Luxembourg's conservative CSV party (orange) had the most votes in most districts, yet actually only got 28.9% of the votes and 21 out of 60 parliamentary seats. With FPTP it would've gotten 80%+ of the seats.
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography