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The dude map: How American men refer to their bros
How London has killed off local dialects across England - in six maps
Countries which have had successful and failed coups since 2000
Satellite image of England and Wales following the ongoing drought/heatwave, (left) May 2018, (right) July 2018
The word for 'China' in different Eurasian languages
Results of 2017 UK General Election
Historical distribution of Afroasiatic languages before the Arab Conquests
Distribution of allele A of the SLC24A5 gene, an allele responsible for fair skin in most Europeans
Percentage of people in metropolitan France who consider themselves to have a regional accent
Countries whose current leader is related to a previous leader of said country
Largest export to the UK by country
Degree of overpopulation in each country - Ecological footprint of consumption relative to biocapacity
Origin of English immigrants to New Zealand by county, 1840-1852
Estimated annualised GDP (PPP) per capita growth rate, 1915-2015
GDP per capita (1970-2010) as a percentage of the US
Change in life expectancy between 1950 and 2015
All the tower blocks in the UK that have failed fire safety tests as of the 7th of July
Change in the level of political freedom/civil liberties of each country according to Freedom House, 1975-2015
Estimated GDP (PPP) per capita in 1840
GDP per capita of German states as percent of German average, 1991-2017
The Rohingya Crisis (2012-) in a series of maps
Percentage increase in immigrant population from each country to the UK between 2001-2011
Prevalence of blue eye colour worldwide
Most common surname in each Swiss canton
Coronavirus hospital deaths per 1000 people in France (+Monaco/Andorra) as of the 8th of June
What each UK county leads in
Greatest percentage economic contractions since 1945 by percentage and cause
Evolution of Indian state and union territory boundaries
A series of maps/infographics about immigration in France
Regions of UK and Ireland according to European country with approximately equivalent GDP (PPP) per capita (2016)
How to tell North Indian languages apart when spoken - The 3rd person sing. present tense marker in Indo-Aryan languages
Constituencies in Great Britain that have ever had (and currently have) ethnic minority MPs
Average number of power cuts per month by country
Average salary by sample occupation for a selection of countries
Estimated percentage of population in different income brackets in 2015 adjusted for cost of living (constant PPP$ 2011)
Countries with a higher and lower GDP (PPP) per capita than Venezuela over its recent history
Estimated GDP (PPP) per capita between 1991 and 2041 as a percentage of the EU28 average
Awkward Acronym of the week: The Filipino region formerly known as Central Mindanao and now known as SOCCSKSARGEN
Results of the second round of the Paris mayoral election
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography