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Full virtual reconstruction of Imperial Rome
Geological map of Canada, made out of rocks taken from each region
A faithful reconstruction of Constantinople in the year 1200, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
The longest ground to ground line of sight ever photographed is 381 km (237 miles), from Mont Canigou in the French Pyrenees to the French Alps, against the background of the rising sun
In medieval Europe, there were two main "royal highways" – Via Regia and Via Imperii – these were designated routes in the Holy Roman Empire (and beyond its borders) that afforded protection to travelers in return for tolls collected for the emperor, who had the duty to maintain the roads
An accurate view of Roman Carthage, a city that was built by Julius Caesar on the site of the previously destroyed Punic capital
The archetypal Ancient Greek colony
Detailed replica of Manhattan carved out in a 2.5 tonne block of marble by the Japanese artist Yutaka Sone
The ancient city of Babylon
How far could you see from the top of Mount Everest, assuming that you had perfect vision and no obstacles? (with 4 examples for comparison)
The Hippie Trail was an overland journey taken by many hippies from the mid 60s until the late 70s; in every major stop of the hippie trail there were hotels, restaurants and cafés that catered almost exclusively to the pot-smoking Westerners
A view of Byzantine Constantinople in AD 1000
Remarkably detailed reconstruction of Dublin as it looked around 1500
The city of Braavos from Game of Thrones & A Song of Ice and Fire
The underground city of Derinkuyu reaches a depth of 60m (200 feet) and used to shelter as many as 20.000 people; it's the largest of the 200 underground cities discovered in Cappadocia, Turkey
Countries with public officials implicated in the Panama Papers leak
The city of Berlin, 500 years apart: the evolution from a small Branderburgian town to the capital of Prussia and one of the main centers of the Enlightenment
One of Winston Churchill's maps in the Cabinet War Rooms, where the British Prime Minister and his team used to track the progress of the war
The Roman city of Londinium around AD 200
Propaganda piece from 1888; Liberty begins in Plymouth under the guide of the Bible and takes USA across the Great Plains towards Immortality (i.e. San Francisco); Slavery, on the other hand, starts in Jamestown without any Bible and leads USA on the path to Hades (i.e. Abilene, Texas)
Ancient Jericho – the first walled city in history
3D reconstruction of ancient Antioch, one of the four great metropolises of the Roman Empire
Bilbao in 1764, the largest city in the Basque Country and the main port of northern Spain
A vision of Troy according to ancient sources
An accurate view of ancient Pompeii before it was destroyed by an eruption in AD 79
Bird's eye view of Manhattan in 1851
This Italy-shaped pinetum was planted in 1961 by the inhabitants of a small Umbrian village to celebrate the centenary of the Unification of Italy, here's how it looks more than 50 years later
A large relief map carved out in marble at the "Mother India Temple" (Bharat Mata Mandir); built in 1936 by Babu Shiv Prasad Gupta and inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi, it's the only temple dedicated to Mother India
A map of the Crusader city of Acre in the 13th century
Primary source of food for the various Native American tribes in the pre-Columbian era (agriculture, hunting, hunting-gathering, fishing)
Handmade replica of Besançon in 1722
The ancient city of Petra at the height of its splendor, in the 2nd-3rd century AD; first built by the Nabataeans around 300 BC, it later became the capital of the Roman frontier province Arabia Petraea in 106 AD, flourishing for the next two centuries in the heart of the desert
After the Austrian government spent €19bn to bail out a bank in 2014, Viennese students protested by creating a model for a large 100.000 people city that could be built for the same amount of money as the bailout; they named it Hypotopia (the bank's name "Hypo Alpe Adria" plus "Utopia")
Programmer spends two years creating a world map out of 333,000 tiny pieces of hand cut glass
Jerusalem in the time of Jesus
Ancient Alexandria during Cleopatra's reign
Bird's-eye view of Damascus around the 8th century AD
The first sketches of Mars, drawn by the Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens in 1659, compared with modern photos of the planet highlighting the same features
How the ancient city-state of Ur may have looked like around 2000 BC
A map of Stone Age symbols found in various caves around the world reveals how proto-writing systems used by cavemen that lived in different continents could sometimes share the same ideograms, the most common of which are represented on the map
Overhead map from a 3d reconstruction of medieval Paris
Provincial languages of the Roman Empire in 150 CE
Major patterns of human migration since 1500
Impressive scale model of San Gimignano in Italy
Major areas of witchcraft persecution in 16th century Europe
The African elephant's range and population: 19th century vs. 2012
A detailed map of the Peloponnesian War in the 5th century BC, when Athens and its allies were defeated by the Spartan-led Peloponnesian League
Gorgeous map of Udine dating from 1650
The Byzantine World under Justinian the Great: a map resembling the Byzantine mosaics of the era
The Man of Commerce, a weird anthropomorphic map from 1889
The approximate range of the Cucuteni-Trypillia culture, whose settlements between 4000 and 3500 BC were the largest in Neolithic Europe
A mythical map of Wales, based on the medieval folk tales of the Mabinogion
Member cities of the first and second Lombard League
The Young Forty-Niners: a pictorial map of Western USA during the California Gold Rush, which brought 300,000 gold-seekers to the newly established state
Mayan trade routes and regional resources
Ethnolinguanymic States: countries whose name in English incorporates the name of their dominant language, spoken as a mother tongue by more than half of their population
A tracing of the famous Bedolina Map, an engraved Iron Age rock located in the Italian Alps which depicts various topographic patterns, as well as warriors, animals and wooden huts (more info in the comments)
Everybody is Against Everybody - a pictorial world map by Amnesty International
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