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The 1777 edition of Bowen & Gibson's "A New and Correct Map of North America..." by Thomas Pownall.
1544 Bird's Eye View of Amsterdam by Cornelis Anthonisz.
Map of the European Theater showing the route taken by the 1340th Engineer Combat Battalion during WWII. Signed by dozens of members of the unit.
Pony express route April 3, 1860 - October 24, 1861
Emma Willard's Picture of Nations, or Perspective Sketch of the Course of History, 1836.
Patriotic Panorama of the United States by Albert Richard Sportswear, 1942.
1937 Flood Map of Louisville, Kentucky.
United States of America, c. 1822
Franz Ritter's Sundial Map, 1640.
1891 Fire Insurance map of Chicago.
Decorative map of the Western Hemisphere published in 1562.
Double hemisphere map of the world created by Antonio Floriano c. 1550.
Large map of Chicago published by Rand McNally and customized for use in the Central Engineering Department of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
, c. 1721
1726 Map of Lilliput and Blefuscu, by Herman Moll.
Embroidered map of the United States showing each state's flower, dated 1938.
Fictional German map of a 'Fool's Paradise' by Johann Baptist Homann, 1694.
Manuscript map of the Northern Hemisphere, drawn by an English teen c. 1807.
The Gough Map of the British Isles, c. 1360.
Mappa Geographiae Naturalis by Matthaus Seutter, c. 1740
A Map of Mexico and the Republic of Texas by John Niles, 1838.
Map of William Barentz's Third Voyage in the Arctic regions, 1598
1607 Sea Chart of the southern coast of France by Willem Barentsz
Map of Malta by Vincenzo Coronelli, c. 1689.
A Literary Map of the United States, 1940.
Double cordiform map of the world by Oronce Fine, 1532.
A New Yorker's Idea of the United States of America, c. 1936 by Daniel Wallingford
Topographical map of the road from Missouri to Oregon, 1846.
1575 View of Alexandria, Egypt, by Braun & Hogenberg.
Dated Events War Map by Stanley Turner, 1945.
The Siege of La Rochelle in the Reign of Louis XIII... by Jacques Callot, 1629.
Carte de France by Cesar-Francois Cassini, 1750.
"America - A Nation of One People from Many Countries" by Emma Bourne, 1944.
Map of the North Pacific showing the latest discoveries made by Russian and French explorers. By Philippe Buache and Joseph Nicholas De L'Isle, 1752.
North America Divided into its III Principal Parts by Philip Lea, 1685.
Map Showing the Birthplace and Course of Life of Abraham Lincoln. Rand McNally, 1865.
c. 1900 Facsimile of the Lenox Globe.
Map of France by Tobias Conrad Lotter, c. 1760.
O.W. Gray's Geological Map of the United States, 1882.
Bird's-eye view of the Mississippi River From the mouth of the Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico, 1884
Willard's Chronographer of American History, 1845.
Lloyd's Map of the Lower Mississippi River from St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico, 1863.
Plan of Gettysburg with the battlefield of July 2nd & 3rd, 1863 and the National Cemetery by Augustus Meisel.
Map of the Field of Shiloh, near Pittsburgh Landing, Tenn. 1862.
1622 chart of the Pacific Ocean by Hessel Gerritsz, official cartographer to the Dutch East India Company.
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