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The Mer de l'Ouest, the great apocryphal sea of North America, by Joseph Nicholas de L'Isle, 1752
Island of California, and the legendary lands of Cibola and Quivira, on Nicolas Sanson's Amerique Septentrionale map, 1650.
Hot Mess of northwestern America & northeastern Asia, from Antonio Zatta's 1776 map "Nuove Scoperte De'Russi al Nord del Mare del Sud si nell'Asia, che nell'America"
First appearance on a map of nonexistent Lac de Conibaz (Conibas), La Cosmographie Universelle, 1575, by André Thevet. (Northern Canada) - details in comments
map of the supposed land of Zarahemla (modern day Columbia and Panama), from Helps to the Study of the Book of Mormon, 1916. Strip missing due to page gutter/scanning issues.
Island of Mortallone from the 1907 novel Poison Island by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Map of post-apocalyptic USA from the Gamma World roleplaying game, 1981, by TSR Hobbies, Inc. (.png)
Land of Symbion, from the 1985 book, Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion: Secret in the Valley of Meander. (Sorry for the time stamp).
Map of post-apocalyptic USA from the Gamma World roleplaying game, 1981, by TSR Hobbies, Inc.
Map of the Land of Nod, 1915, from Who's Who in the Land of Nod by Sarah Sanderson Vanderbilt
Island of Research, from the magazine American Scientist, Dec. 1966
Map of a Country Exemplified, 1728, by Isaac Watts, from: The Knowledge of the Heavens and the Earth Made Easy
Map from the novel Le Voyage des Princes Fortunes, 1610, by François Béroalde de Verville
Iceland and phantom island Frisland on a beautiful map by Robert Dudley, 1646. Stitched together this large version from website (source in comments)
D&D map from The Amazing Adventures of Gumball episode "The Master"
Cursed Madagascar & its imaginary friends. From Waldseemüller's 1507 world map.
The Sihai Huayi Zongtu ("Complete Map of the Four Seas, China, and the Barbarians") a Chinese world map, 1532. It shows China surrounded by water on all sides.
“General Map of the Four Seas, China, and the Barbarians," from Zhang Huang's Tushu bian (1613). Islands include: Land of the Long-Thighs People & Land of the Long-Arms People (upper rt); Land of the Midgets (lower rt); Land of Gentlemen (lower left); & Land of the People without Calves (upper left)
Fusang (also Fousang, Fou Sang, Fucasia) is a land of Chinese legend dating from the 5th century C.E., hypothesized to be Japan, the Americas, Sakhalin Island, the Kamchatka Peninsula, Kuril Islands. Put on 17th century maps in the areas that are now British Columbia, Canada, and Washington, USA.
Did Marco Polo visit Alaska? "Peninsula of the Sea Lions" and "Peninsula of the Deer" on a 16th cent. copy of a supposed original 13th cent. map from Polo.
1916 Tamil map of the hypothesized continent of Lemuria/Kumari Kandam, extending from the tip of India to Antarctica . (Madagascar circled in red to help orientation).
Big Australia, from a circa 1705 French map by Pierre Mortier.
Petrus Bertius' map of the South Pole "Descriptio terræ subaustralis" from his P. Bertii tabularum geographicarum contractarum, 1616
Tierra del Fuego connected to Antarctica (Magellanica, or Terra Australis) on a map by Joannes van Doetichum, circa 1590.
More Magellanica/Terra Australis: Ortelius' Maris Pacifici map, 1589/1590. Appears to show Australia connected to Antarctica. (Also an exceptionally peninsular California)
The hypothetical continent Terra Australis/Magellanica at its greatest extent? Orbis Terrarum Typus De Integro Multis In Locis Emendatus, map by Petrus Plancius, 1594. Encompasses Tierra del Fuego, Australia, Antarctica, New Guinea, New Zealand, etc.
1627 German map of Chesapeake Bay, Virginia/Maryland, USA (oriented with West at top), from the book Continuatio Americae, das ist: Forsetzung der Historien von der Neuen Welt, oder Nidergängischen Indien, waran es auff diese Zeit noch an hero ermangelt.
Polar projection of the hypothetical continent Terra Australis (aka Magellanica), from Matthias Quad's 1600 map, “Chica sive Patagonica et Australis Terra, MDC.” Peninsulas project outward to South America (cut off), Africa, New Guinea, and the islands of Java and Sumatra.
"The Science of Exploration," from Popular Science, April 1932
The Johannes Schöner Globe (a manuscript globe), 1520, from an 1853 reprint. Features a hypothesized Antarctic continent labeled "Brasilie Regio"
Very nice map of the legendary isles and sunken lands of Ireland, 1912, by Thomas J. Westropp
1907 map of the hypothesized Eocene-era Archhelenis & Archinotis land bridges, conceived to explain geological and zoological similarities between widely separated areas before the theory of continental drift was accepted. By Hermann von Ihering (1850-1930).
1932 map of hypothesized Permian-era Land Bridges, created to explain biogeographic similarities before the acceptance of Continental Drift Theory. Bridges in yellow.
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