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PSM V52 D323 Global hair texture map
PSM V67 D762 Street map of the university of illinois campus
PSM V28 D454 Hallet point excavations and tunnel 7
PSM V50 D602 World cephalic index map
Ludovica Academy street map 1884
PSM V30 D013 Map of north america during the ice age
PSM V30 D022 Northern drift and glacial furrows
PSM V31 D497 Map of the moon
PSM V28 D456 Plan of excavations of flood rock
PSM V48 D222 Map of lake copais and surroundings
PSM V48 D225 Plan of the wells
PSM V48 D287 The lands of earth at the end of archaean time
PSM V48 D500 Comparative areas of zoological parks
PSM V49 D175 Map of ancient st lawrence river and tributaries
PSM V49 D179 Map of western end of lake ontario
PSM V49 D182 Map of warren gulf great lakes region
PSM V49 D184 Map of the early great lakes
PSM V02 D415 Weather chart
PSM V49 D381 Stages of the ice age in the us and canada
PSM V49 D383 Stages of the ice age in europe
PSM V50 D194 Plan of kew gardens
PSM V50 D475 Languages and dialects surrounding Iberia
PSM V50 D476 Languages and dialects in the united kingdom
PSM V50 D611 Europe cephalic index map
PSM V50 D780 Global map of skin color distribution
PSM V32 D328 Map of abaco island and its adjoining reef
PSM V50 D784 Hair color frequency in europe
PSM V32 D471 Reversed color image of the Panama canal route
PSM V50 D791 Cranial index map of central europe
PSM V50 D795 Hair color index in central west europe
PSM V50 D800 Racial map of central west switzerland
PSM V51 D026 Global male stature distribution
PSM V51 D028 Stature distribution of limousin
PSM V51 D030 Stature and health distribution of finisterre
PSM V51 D038 Stature distribution of europe
PSM V51 D039 Stature distribution of lower brittany
PSM V51 D041 Stature distribution of the austrian tyrol
PSM V15 D169 First meridians
PSM V16 D259 Ptolemy map of the world
PSM V11 D424 Lemming migration plan
PSM V16 D508 Map of ptolemy 150 ad
PSM V51 D231 Itinerary map of the seventh international geological congress 1897
PSM V11 D426 Lemming migration path in sweden
PSM V51 D303 Physical geography of france
PSM V16 D306 Weather map western hemisphere 130 to 50 longitude
PSM V51 D305 Cephalic index of france and belgium
PSM V16 D306 World weather map jan 25 1878
PSM V51 D313 Brunetness in france
PSM V16 D321 Chart of storm tracks of north pacific ocean
PSM V51 D314 Stature in france
PSM V16 D323 Cyclone crossing from north america to europe
PSM V51 D315 Cephalic index of normandy and brittany
PSM V16 D329 Chart of equal barometric pressures in and around north america
PSM V51 D316 Stature in lower brittany
PSM V16 D402 Proposed canal routes between the two oceans
PSM V51 D318 Place names of brittany and normandy
PSM V16 D404 Commercial shipping routes of convenience to the proposed canal
PSM V51 D446 Physical geography of france
PSM V16 D456 Weather map eastern hemisphere 50 to 130 longitude
PSM V51 D451 Geology and elevation of belgium
PSM V51 D452 Blonde types of belgium
PSM V51 D452 Cephalic indexes of walloons and flemish of belgium
PSM V56 D0082 Glacial map of the great lakes region
PSM V51 D454 Cephalic index of france and belgium
PSM V56 D0183 Map of supposed norse ruin in cambridge
PSM V51 D636 Cephalic index of the basque provinces
PSM V51 D637 Basque french language boundary
PSM V51 D648 Statures of southwest france and spain
PSM V51 D741 Physical geography of italy
PSM V51 D742 Cephalic index of italy
PSM V51 D745 Relative frequency of brunet traits
Relative frequency of tall statures (1897)
PSM V51 D749 Cephalic index of liguria and vicinity
PSM V39 D329 Ohio map of paleolithic tools find
PSM V52 D759 Big cottonwood power company dam
PSM V40 D381 Map showing the southern range limit of the musk ox
PSM V40 D797 Kingston harbor jamaica
PSM V40 D802 Port royal before the 1692 earthquake and the dotted area after
PSM V20 D322 Map of paris with observatory circuit outlined in black
PSM V22 D244 Location of fingals cave south scotland
PSM V58 D324 Northern hemispheric view of our galaxy
PSM V58 D325 Southern hemispheric view of our galaxy
PSM V58 D396 Cyclone chart of sept 18 1900 at 8am
PSM V58 D397 Cyclone pattern and changing temperatures of nov 22 1898
PSM V58 D398 Cyclone pattern following the sun
PSM V37 D482 California coastline south of sacramento
PSM V58 D399 Summer hurricane patterns over eastern us
PSM V37 D676 Map of africa circa 1890
PSM V58 D647 United states manufacture in the world market
PSM V37 D768 Map of ancient dwellings of the verde valley
PSM V37 D772 Structure of the casa
PSM V37 D774 Floor plan of the 5th floor
PSM V37 D776 Ruins on the middle verde arizona
PSM V25 D379 Krakatoa before after eruption in august 1883
PSM V25 D509 Map of geyser areas of south iceland
PSM V25 D513 Hot springs near bay of plenty new zealand
PSM V25 D519 Distribution of geysers and hot springs in yellowstone park
PSM V25 D612 Upper missouri river system
PSM V62 D189 Map of alaska compared to the lower us states
PSM V63 D030 Areas of europe settled by slavs
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