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Map of Europe 1840 with population of countries
Map showing GDP (PPP) per capita (2018) of countries that once belonged or had parts of their territories inside Austro-Hungarian Empire
Map showing Ottoman territorial losses 1683-1718 after failed Siege of Vienna and Austro-Venetian counter-offensive ( first major Ottoman territorial losses after centuries of expansion and conquest)
Alliances in Europe 1701 on the eve of War of Spanish Succession
Map showing alliances during Austro-Prussian (German) war 1866 (states of German Confederation that supported Prussia or Austria). War decided question of leadership of German unification in Prussian favor.
Angles, Saxons, Jutes original homelands and migrations 400-500 AD
Population of Austro-Hungarian Empire 1913 by provinces (crown lands)
German-Soviet frontline post battle of Kursk in late 1943
English satirical map of Prussia from 1868
Map of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy from Triple Alliance propaganda poster sometimes before WW1
German map of Europe 1914-1918 during ww1, from school book
Ethnic and religious composition of province Bosnia & Herzegovina from 1895, made by Austro-Hungarian government
Map of Europe 1741 showing military alliances at the start of War of Austrian Succession
Carolingian and Byzantine Empire and Caliphate in 814
Rulers and ruling dynasties of European countries 1714
Migrations and areas of settlement of Germanic tribes in 4th and 5th century
"Six nationalities oppressed by the Germans and the Hungarians" Italian propaganda map of Austria-Hungary published in 1915, WW1.
French map of Eastern Front of WW1 showing how far Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary) advanced into Russia 1917/1918
Barbarian migrations and kingdoms in Europe A.D. 526
Political map of Europe 1848, published in Vienna during 1848 Revolutions
World War 1- financial war cost, total mobilized and population of war participants countries in Europe
Map of Croatia, Slavonia and Military Frontier 1820 (under Habsburgs)
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