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Railroad density in Europe (kilometers of rail per 100 km² of land area)
People killed in terrorist attacks in the period before/after 9/11
Deaths in 2020 compared to average mortality in 2016-2019 (see more maps @
The spread of anti-government protests in Serbia, Dec 2018-Mar 2019 (see more maps @
How much longer are women expected to live compared to men at birth?
Women in science (see more maps @
Religious composition of Yugoslavia, according to the 1931 census (see more maps @
Median age of women at childbirth (see more maps @
Public sector corruption index (see more maps @
Share of adult Europeans with tertiary education by region and country (see more maps @
Government debt as a % of GDP (see more maps @
The national composition of Yugoslavia by municipality according to the 1961 census (see more maps @
% of people with tertiary education in Europe (see more maps @
Illiteracy rate in Yugoslavia in 1931 (see more maps @
Distance from every French municipality to the nearest train station in km
Major railways in Europe (see more maps @
Provisional results of the 2019 European parliamentary election in Spain by municipality (see more maps @
Share of people who accessed the Internet at least once a week in 2018 (see more maps @
Bosnia's ethnic groups in 2013 (See more maps @
Illiteracy in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (see more maps @
The share of women who have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner at some time in their life (more maps @
Change in Serbia's population: 1981 to 2011 (see more maps @
Ethnic composition according to the last census before the break-up of Yugoslavia (more maps @
There were 2012 protests & riots in Russia in 2018/2019. Wow (see more maps @
% of people who used online shopping during the last year (see more maps @
US railways
Terrorist attacks in 2017 (see more maps @
European railways (see more maps @
Railroad density in the USA and Europe adjusted for state/country land area
Households with access to the Internet at home (see more maps @
Places with over 1000 inhabitants in Europe w/o Cyprus & Iceland (see more maps @
ISIS has killed 10133 civilians since 2014 (see more maps @
Unemployment in the United States by county, 2007-2017 (more maps @
Abortions per 1000 live births, 2002-2015 (see more maps @
Identified casualties of the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (see more maps @
Britush, French, German and Spanish cultural/language institutes (see more maps at
Over 9,000 civilians killed by Salafi-Jihadist militant groups, 2017-2018 (see more maps @
Europe is called the 'old continent' for a good reason (see more maps @
Identified victims of the Jasenovac concentration camp complex
Over 55k post-WWII killings under the communist regime in Serbia by pre-war residence
American casualties in Iraq by their US residence
Over 650k identified Yugoslav casualties in World War II by pre-war residence (check more maps @
Cinemas in Yugoslavia in 1964 (see more maps @
Average monthly net salary in euros (see more maps @
Share of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET)
Post Offices in Europe
GDP per capita with purchasing power parity in current $ for Europe in 2018 (see more maps @
Median age in Europe (see for more maps)
Real GDP per capita, 2005 prices, for European nations without Cyprus and Malta, 1950-1990 (see more maps @
UN General Assembly supports the decolonization of the Chagos Islands (see more maps @
People who never used computer (see more maps @
Sex Balance in Yugoslavia more than a decade after WWI (more maps at
Eastern Orthodox Christians in Yugoslavia in 1931 (see more maps @
Disproportionality between votes in elections and seats in the parliament
Share of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) by NUTS level 2 regions (see more maps @
Unemployment rate keeps dropping across Euro regions (see more maps @
Wildfires around the globe
Europe's natural gas/oil deposits
Origins of football expatriats who play for European professional teams (check more map @
Every dot is a traffic accident that occurred in Belgrade in 2017 (see more maps @
Religious composition of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (more maps @
Final results of the 2000 Presidential election in FR Yugoslavia (see more maps @
New cases of HIV in Europe (more maps @
Government censorship in 2017 (see more maps @
Press freedom in 2018 (see more maos @
Adult Americans with a bachelor's degree or higher, 2013-2017 (see more maps @
China's Confucius Institutes, 2004-2019 (see more maps @
Median age of WWII victims in Croatia is 28 years (see more maps @
Over 1.3 million active 🔥 from NASA database for 1 April-1 May 2019 (see more maps @
Senior citizens (people ages 60 and up) per available hospital bed
How far is motorway in Bosnia & Herzegovina? (see more maps @
Motorways & motorway links in Europe
Identified victims of the Jasenovac concentration camp complex by place of birth (check more maps @
Urban areas in Europe (see more maps @
Global innovation ranking (see more maps @
Ethnic composition of Yugoslavia, 1953-1991 (see more maps @
NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, aggregated bombs according to media reports (see for more maps)
Medical doctors per 100,000 inhabitants (see more maps @
Dot density map of Bosnian population with topographic overlay (see more maps @
Jewish victims for the territory of Independent State of Croatia, 1941-1945
Major Importers of Russian Natural Gas and Existing Pipelines in Europe
Every fifth person from Europe's south, south-east and the Baltic region is at the risk of poverty by national standards
Sex balance in Kosovo by settlement (see more maps @
US median household income in 2017 (see more maps @
Camps and execution sites in Kingdom of Yugoslavia under occupation during WWII (see more maps @
Ethnic composition of Yugoslavia by county (srez) according to the 1953 census (see more maps @
Workers' rights in Europe in 2018 (more maps @
Kosovo war death toll, 1998-1999 (see more maps @
Total number of tourists per 100,000 inhabitants (more maps @
Average gasoline price (See more maps @
Population of Croatia, 1857-2001, darker color=fewer people (see more maps @
Who are key buyers of Russian arms, 2007-2017 (see more maps @
Major buyers of American weapons, 2007-2017 (see more maps @
War crimes in Afghanistan, 2017-2019 (see more maps @
Anti-Regime Protests in Serbia
Yugoslav partisans who fought against Wehrmacht in the 1943 battle of Sutjeska
China's Confucius Institutes and Chinese population in the United States
NATO casualties in Afghanistan (see more maps @
Youth unemployment in Europe (more maps @
Poverty estimates for the whole population of the United States for 2017 (Check out more cool maps @
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