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only 1% of world's population lives in the North
Continents with total wealth smaller than Italy ($10.569 trillion)
Countries by median wealth per adult
blue area has larger wealth than red area
Regions in Europe with GDP per capita lower than East Germany
Countries with unarmed police officers
Moscow is closer to Quebec city(Canada) than to Kuril Islands(Russia)
European countries less populated than prisoners in USA ( 2.1 million)
Timezones in a Europe
Border between Kaliningrad (Russia) and Lithuania from space. Kaliningrad can't into agriculture?
German states with GDP per capita higher and lower than Berlin( 40,600 EUR)
US counties with GDP over $100B
Red area has smaller population than US prison population (2.122 million)
Countries with population density higher or lower than USA
Calling codes in Europe 🇪🇺
Literacy rate in Interwar Poland (1931). The borders of the Partitions of Poland are marked by the dashed line.
GDP density. Dollars per sq km
Russian Far East and Chinese North East: population change since 1990
Alaska overlaid on Iran. Alaska is about 4% larger than Iran
Chinese provinces with population larger than Germany (82M)
Countries with economy smaller than Poland
Poles in Lithiania
Four Northern European countries combined have smaller population than Europe's most populated subdivision (North Rhine Westphalia)
European countries with more money than Russia. Global wealth report
US counties with area larger than Netherlands
Countries with economy larger than Guangdong ($1.5 trillion)
German states with GDP per capita lower than city of Warsaw (€32,500)
Map from "Severe weather Europe"
Wealth per adult around the world
Blue area and red area has roughly same Nominal GDP
Polish provinces compared to Lithuania
Language map of Second Polish Republic
US states populated less densely than Russia
Federal subjects of Russia populated more densely than USA and less densely than Canada
Red area has smaller population than Uttar Pradesh (200 million)
Countries with area larger than Greenland
Green area has smaller combined nominal GDP than Germany
Chinese provinces as US states by GDP PPP
Top 5 countries by forest area
US states and countries by Nominal GDP (2018)
Population change in Poland 2018 - 2019
Belarusian municipalities with Polish minority exceeding 30% of the total population. 2009 census
European countries as US states by GDP PPP per capita, 2018
European $1 trillion dollars club
You can fit state of Washington into Poland and still be able to travel around it
NUTS-2 regions in EU with GDP per capita above €20,000
NUTS-2 regions in EU with GDP over 100 billion EUR
Us states with largest GDP increase/decrease 2017-2018
There is more prisoners in USA than in China and Russia combined
Blue area has smaller economy (Nominal GDP) than London
US states with economy larger or smaller than Poland $586 billion
Countries in main Lithuanian jobs abroad website by number of job offers (
Regional recovery since 2008 (first year after the crisis when GDP per capita was above 2008 level, by NUTS 2 region)
European countries as US states by GDP PPP per capita, 2018
Red countries combined has smaller GDP than Jiangsu province(China)
Red voivodeships have smaller combined GDP than city of Warsaw
Top 5 and Top 10 European countries by suicide rate
Russia in 1922. Crimea was part of Russia
Police officers per 1 million inhabitants
Polish administrative subdivisions as European countries by population
Jiangsu is only province in China with total GDP, total GDP PPP, GDP per capita and GDP PPP per capita larger than Poland
Federal subjects of Russia with area larger than Mexico (2 million sq km)
states with population smaller than cops in US
European countries with less people than people infected by Coronavirus(366,000)
Europe/Russia has 20% more forests than Northern America
Buffer states between Moscow and West
Poles in Lithiania
worlds subdivisions with GDP(Nominal) over $ 100 billion USD
European countries with population smaller than Moscow metropolitan area (20 million people)
Countries with less people than Los Angeles county jail
Blue area (Europe+ Northern America) has as large nominal GDP as red area( rest of the world)
Poland. Blue area has larger GDP than red area
US states with economy larger than Iran
Call of duty Warzone map compared to Monaco
Correlation between coronavirus cases per capita and GDP per capita
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography